Team Gauntlet - Cant get points in event

@PGEggToken @PGJared

I and many of my team started a few runs and it was loading and there were no points after it for that attack, just the energy resetted.

Please look about this… we just was ready to go on , and only 1 of our player is able to get points…


Same with us.
And the attacks aren’t counting for egg mission either.

good news is Sage can still clear first island.


And us. Can take islands out but no points.

Same here, wasting heals also

Inner fires, energy heals, yup will be looking to get those back

Lost energy and got no points here.

Gotta love it when these old events come back around and still don’t work properly!:roll_eyes:

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:joy::joy: that’s funny

Same problem. Energy just resets, and no points.

Energy is not resetting for everyone

Same here. I have done 3 attacks and energy is still full. I have gained zero points,but all drags used need healing… and now my inner fires (51) have disappeared. Tell me this is a quick fix please.

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