Team Gauntlet Event Points

Hey All!

The team is aware that there is an issue going on where no one is getting points. They are working on a fix for this right now. As soon as we have an update, @DragonPunch, @PGCrisis, or @Arelyna will post an update!


You better compensate for the lost healing potions, and time…either way I really want to start this boring event with no bonus meter so I can get it over with


Right! We all losing potions and boosts for no result! And no response from support as well! WTF PG… but u always take my payments instant!

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They are probably over loaded with tickets. I’ve stopped trying…I don’t want to waste my resources on something that isn’t stable and knowing PG…it won’t be properly compensated

Except some teams are getting points my clan is already 60k behind the leader in our division

In terms of support, they will get to you as quickly as possible. There is a large backlog right now. Sorry!

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Can you at least stop the event and restart when it functions properly.

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Not only am I not getting points in event.
My attacks outside of event are not collecting resources.

I attacked in regular attacks to get resources, won each attack. It showed on one that I should have received over 230k food. When returned to main screen the resources were not counted So frustrating now I cannot get food or points.

We should submit a ticket for the lost heal potions?

As always… since 3 month am even not able to run super or mega attacks… they doesn’t count most of the time, and I have to write ticket and ticket and ticket and ticket and ticket and ticket and ticket… and so on! This game become a real mess! Am thinking to remove it forever… just cost a lot of fucking money and gives me just fucking mind blowing moments in events! That’s not what I paid for… shame on you PG…!

Thanks for keeping us informed, just want you to know it is appreciated.


For the sanity of players you should but event issue at top of the list, the atlas loop problems and then look at cheaters. Look after who you have playing right now first. And a game wide message would help ease your ticket numbers.

Hi all,

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