Team gauntlet. First event summer season. New changes too

Well this new HP increase is really appreciated. But I don’t see anything about the megaquits. PG let’s do something to fix the megaquit problem which totally takes away the fun of every PvP event. @Crisis @Arelyna


I wonder if the wildfire will be 80 flames or 50 :boom:

50… that was a permanent change


So your fix for people mega quitting and pvp island going down so fast is to add more hp to the island so more Megas or mega quitting is required??? Seriously??? What are you trying to create more revenue instead of actually fixing the issue???

Here I don’t work for pg but I’ll solve the problem for you.

Mega coins, if less then 50 percent is achieved on a base then player gets 50% personal points and scaled accordingly above 50%. Pvp hp are scaled accordingly 0-100 percent based on completion of the base they are attacking.

Is a real solution really that hard for you guys???

@Arelyna @PGChocolate can you please pass this on.


This would be perfect

And totally Agree they are just trying to increase the amount of megaquits :man_facepalming:t2:.

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If PG really wanted to make a change on the merit of progress and not profit, reduce the benefit to the “mega quit” mechanic. Make players reach 50% at least to get 50% points.


Sigh. They finally hear “There’s an issue with the PvP islands,” but take a route to fixing it that…well, doesn’t fix it.

Even down in low Plat, PvP islands are generally gone within 5 minutes, and that can be done even without megaquits. :woman_facepalming:


Heard about it the first time. :no_mouth: Pretty expensive, burning Megas like that!

But as much as this issue sounds annoying, reducing the reward to 0 is harsh. For mega quitting its good, but if the game bugs and you cant attack with the dragon it would be really akward if you get nothing…

They could drop the payout from 50% to 25% on failed attacks. That would help balance things.

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Should be scaled the same as a regular attack. If you hit too high and sh*t the bed as a result TBSS.


Isn’t this exactly what you get now for a megaquit? 50% of the points for doing nothing


They could just refund the megacoin and give 0 points whenever you don’t clear the base 70%. Makes them very good for guaranteed points for your energy, but doesn’t allow using megacoins for time-sensitive points without actually defeating bases.


Yes…he’s suggesting an attacker must complete 50% of the base to receive the 50% points. If 50% isn’t achieved the reward should be lower than half the full points.


I don’t read it that way but okay. It should scale like a regular attack does. Finish 49%, get 49% of the points. Finish 69%, get 69% of the points. Finish 70% (a win) get full points.


Yes but what I’m saying is let those points count as personal points only and not count against HP of opposing team in pvp. That will end mega quitting because there will be no benefit to doing it other then for personal prizes

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Okay, that I understand. I disagree and think the players shouldn’t be rewarded period for mega quitting.


No thank you. I don’t really want participation trophies if you hit too high and fail you should get punished not get a do over.

If you have a glitch during a mega coin, you can bring it up with Support.

If the game bugs then take a ss and ask support for the coin back. I have several team members who have had it happen and gotten it returned multiple times

Personally I think
First 15 minutes a pvp island pops up megas are blocked
Getting less than 70% on a mega attack will give 0 points and the coin is returned but everything else you used is gone
The heal time on all islands is halved or even cut by 2/3


This definitely needs to happen.