Team Gauntlet Gold Chest Pulls - March 21, 2018

Would you mind breaking it down for a more concentrated portrayal of the data? :see_no_evil:

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120 Gold Chests + 4 Bonus Chests:

Mystic Fragment: 49

Egg Token: 23,800

Sigil: 2,475

1 Hr Timer: 200

3 Hr Timer: 435

12 Hr Timer: 76

Dragon ATK Boost: 175

Dragon HP Boost: 200

Black Pearl: 1,125

Heal Potion: 100

Inner Fire: 174

Energy Pack: 130

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You did better than me. Much better than me…

Didnt bother adding up the dragon boosts but this was from 200 gold + 6 bonus
Inner fires: 282 (×17 epic, x9 legendary)
Sigils: 4375 (x17 epic, x10 legendary)
Energy packs: 215 (20 epic, x9 legendary)
1hr clocks: 375 (x15 epic)
3hr clocks: 750 (x10 epic, x12 legendary)
12hr clocks: 133 (x7 epic, x7 legendary)
Egg tokens: 37200 (x12 epic, x8 legendary)
Mystic frags: 82 (x6 epic, x8 legendary)
Healing pots: 160 (8 epic)
Black pearls: 2025 (9 legendary)

I’m trying sheets, because it seems that people prefer that.

I’ll see how this goes. I’m much more comfortable in Excel. :smiley:

Anyway, hopeful this will let you do what you need. If not, I’m sure @forScience or @mechengg can tell me what I did wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sweet. Yes that is much easier for me to use as well. Thanks for your work on this Savage.

Pretty damn close!


@SavageAFforPG is the resident God of Data… :joy:

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The topic is gold chests but to those who want Healing Potions, Energy Packs, inner fires and Speedups…now is the time to open bronze chests. Also egg tokens are dropping in runs…the drop in bronze chests right now isn’t that great but still I’ve been getting a lot

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I may do another bronze. Won’t be as large as last time… And normally I like to save for first or last event to get more tokens and timers… But I’m low on IF.

I need a. Pvp version of bronze anyway. I’ll post here if it happens.

I have rebuilt it from the ground up. It still originated in Excel, but I have made some changes that should increase accuracy.

I have also included the Bonus Chest, although, for now, it will select it automatically, so it may “predict” the wrong one.

Bronze chests are now included as well. I will not be doing these for every event, but I will try to do them occasionally so that we can all have a reasonably good idea for those.

I’m going to hold off on silver/runic… There are just too many possible drops in these chests. The short version is what I posted in the other thread. The long version is I would need thousands of them to accurately predict. And you would have to open thousands for your sample to converge on my predictions. :man_shrugging:

Lemme know if this works better:

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I opened about 950 bronze. I can give you the numbers for some of the stuff by subtracting my gold chest drops from my current amount. Can give an accurate number of sigils, IF, energy packs, and egg tokens from those bronze chests. Other stuff I would have to guesstimate on.

Let me know if that will help with your tool and I will figure it out and post here.

That link isn’t letting me change the number of chests.

Hmm. ok. give me a minute. lemme see what I did wrong.

Try it now. I think it should work.

Might want to make a copy… Otherwise, you may be fighting with others if multiple people are using at the same time.

I think is what Mech said…

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I had to make a copy of the file first in order to change the chest value. I didn’t have to do that on your original link so I didn’t think of it, but remembered I had to do that with forScience’s tools as well.

Anyway, all good. :+1:

Days are not right in bronze one. I will fix. Sorry. Just need a few minutes.

Should be fixed now. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Either link will work. I tested from another browser. If you don’t make a copy though, someone else may edit one of the unlocked fields before you have a chance to enter your info.