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I’m not sure who at PG to tag, so any help would be great.

First, I want to start this with the fact I know this is probably not a major problem for most teams. However, getting points in this event has become a major problem for me and my team mates (in general).

Being a very competitive team, we have many members that compete for global ranking positions. This means that we have some super strong players that kill every single island, none stop when they spawn. We often have hours of downtime between islands spawning, for them to only be up for minutes once re-spawned.

Because of this, we also have a huge issue getting points because there is nothing to kill. My team is battling itself to get points, not other teams at this point. During the PVP portion, a member is lucky to get 1 attack in before the PVP island is dead (often many members get 0 attacks completed and items refunded).

This makes it very tough for personal points, but also to reach team prizes. I just want to throw out some ideas to help.

I don’t think increasing the points of the islands will help, because that would benefit my team, but ultimately make it more of a struggle for many others.

I was thinking maybe some type of unlimited island? Something that a player can hit on their own schedule also without worrying about there be zero islands to attack at any given time. I believe this is the only PVP event that doesn’t have a way to earn points, constantly. I know the old KoTH you would have small windows of no points, but in general there was always something to hit if you wished to get personal points.

Anyways, again I know this is more of a team issue compared to a general issue, but man is it frustrating when you’re trying to reach personal goals and you can’t find any targets, ever…


Perhaps do something akin to the pvp player targeting where only x amount of islands can be unavailable at a time and unlock the one that went down first when that number is exceeded? Or just make the last island available continuously? :woman_shrugging:t2:


I second this…

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I third it.

It’s unanimous!

Taking mega coins away from pvp will give some more tym to play pvp .
Idea : PG can limit the amount of mega atks for pvp island . Let’s say leaguewise they can provide . For example 3 mega for pvp island. So then u can get more chance to participate some more players in event attack by stopping one to score more points using mega .

@Shimo idea is also good , by keeping last Island as quickly turn under black blood rules when it capture then we will again atk and score .

I’m not gonna criticize mega as it helps some players who r under heavy work load .

But need some balance . I’m personally very thankful to PG to make megacoins unavailable for 15 minutes in some events .

Mega has pros and cons : PG try to make balance between competitive nature of event and the money spending. Just say one team spending mega and during guatlet that destroy pvp island of other team within some minutes so where is the competitive nature there ? Only who is spending more is prominent there . Keep mega in events but plz make some changes like what u did in other pvp events .

As I mentioned above for guatlet limit the amount of mega for pvp islands which will help .

I’m in complete agreement with keeping the islands open. We were just discussing this very thing on our team earlier today. No need at all for a cooldown on any islands not just the last one. Restart it instantly once it’s conquered with every time it’s conquered you get the team vp. Complete no brainer.


Mega coins aren’t completely the issue for all teams and leagues.

I’d assume lower leagues where 3-5 players do most of the work for the team (point wise) the mega coin is a huge factor and really the only way those teams can kill islands quickly.

However, don’t think mega coins are the only issues. It’s also the high activity of a team. We as a team will usually have 30+ players on when a major island is about to attack. Even using only supers with 3 inner fires wipes the islands out.

Removing mega coins wouldn’t solve the problems that simple. They need to make it so there is more to conquer, more often, so players have the chance to attack throughout the event.

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Agree completely. Only thing I can think of is if teams can collect so much vp via Gustav that they don’t need to hit pvp. Most players are eager it seems to hit PvP so I don’t know how much of an issue that would be game-wide, but that’s the only thing that I can think of that would be a “downside” to this. But if you’re not doing pvp, can’t steal vp. I’m all for having something to hit instead of just finding the highest pve island that is hittable (I know in your case none are).

In general I think it’s good for there to be things to do

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I’d agree with the last islands cooldown time being shortened.

I’d also like to put in a vote for MegaCoins being disabled for the FIRST 15 minutes of a PvP island. That way an extremely active team can get a jump start with super attacks in an effort to take the island down before megas can come into play.


Ohhh, I like this idea! You’re a smart guy mech :kissing_heart:

Ours are typically over in 5-8 min with the occasional 3 min finish without using megas so a 15 min mega ban sounds like an excellent ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Precisely. Well organized teams have a chance depending on league to defeat the PvP island. Megas are meant for time savings, so let them use their mega coins to clean up with at the 15 min mark


First 15 minutes? Time zone depend on this factor . So can’t do this which will bring some favour to some teams

May be limit the mega coins number per pvp island .

No. Stop bitching about time zones in PvP islands and how it’s unfair. There is a rotation of a few hours and if you can’t find a few times a day that are suitable then YOU need to adjust your personal schedule around it.

I can promise you that most aren’t ideal for a lot of people, just about the same as you.

If you wanted to fix PvP island timing, move it to every 5 hours for the simple fact that it’s not a denominator of 24. 1,2, 3,4,6,8 are all factors, so if you want the island times to rotate through out the 5 day cycle, choose 5 hour PvP times then technically every single hour of the day should get PvP islands.

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Brilliant! Or, in the words of my pal William, “Why, what read you there / That have so cowarded and chased your blood / Out of appearance?“ The time zone sob story has become so tired!
Dear Lord, please let me die Mechengg’s friend!
But seriously! You, Sir, are a dying breed! I was half-way convinced that all of society had forgotten how to write!

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