Team gauntlet individual price real low

Is it me or there is a 125 sigils price misssing between the 100 and 125… there is like 5 prices without any sigils…!

Normally there is like, 2 x 125, some 200-250, now it seem that there is less sigils price, and even less.price overall…!

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By 5 prizes do you mean 3? Because that is the actual number of prizes between the 100 and 125 sigil marks

Also sorry to burst your bubble but it’s the same prizes since September 2017 for this event. Before that was the double 125 prizes

I actually have the prizes logged for the last two times the event was run. Two times ago there was less total sigils. They changed it the last time and it actually got a lot better lined up with a significantly higher increase in sigils. As Mech said, it’s the same as last time, I just checked. Here’s a screenshot of what I logged.


Ok then you are prolly right, but compare to other pvp event it seem less sigils…! It use to be 1 sigil prize every 2 prises normally in the 100 to 350 range

Maybe team achievements makes up the difference if there is one!

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