Team Gauntlet is next


At least that’s what the event calendar says.



My eyes :see_no_evil:


I have to agree that the poster is pretty awful :see_no_evil:


Seems like bright colors is the theme of the week… Although Patrick’s one is quite a bit better in my view:


Both are too flashy :unamused:
Besides, seems that Poseidon missed the main focus here…

I’d rather have the white wolf in the Icon. :shushing_face:


Well maybe, but the first one is also just rubbish :joy:

Poseidon’s are always very professionally executed, even if you may not like the design.


How 'bout dis one? I spent a lot of time on it.


You know PQ bases his drawings off real posters right?




Did they change the prize requirements? I can’t remember the progression from last team gauntlet. I’m referring to the 450-500 sigil prizes, seems to be a lot less than last time iirc.


Looks the same now as it was before.


@PGCrisis @Arelyna

whats going on with the game ???
no chests from monument… so i installed new … and the game got worse, laggy, not really playable…
and still no chests…


This issue sometimes takes more than one reinstall. Unfortunately, it is not a perfect science of when they will kick back in or not.


I reinstalled it, and waited this time firstly in the main game, and moved my finger arround and waited in chat until it get better and not laggy anymore… then i tried to go in in event ,… even with a sync error or crash, repeatly staying there until things loaded somehow … when the game seemed ok… i joined a game and realized… it hadnt lagged as in my first try… and so it seemed somehow things loaded rightly and it was done…

Next was Atlas… it crashed … and again the waiting and staying … even if it crashed… after a longer time it worked… (normally i made the updates , but probably its there activation…)
At least my game works fine,… playable… even after updates came on …

After it i tested on a invader base if i get chests or not…
In the games first monuments i got a clock… but later in the same game from bridge i got a chest at least x)

I think, even without these issues, this event need a remake … things are from very old times, and its not fun… too long wait times… too low enemy where worse points are …
Maybe this state was ok for about 1,5 years ago… but not anymore in higher leagues…
however, now it works after these things… probably the right waiting and not overdoing was good… even if my phone just warmed up after first miss crazily…


Winning silver chests but not in armory when I go to open. I get all the bronze ones I win but not the numerous silver that now seems to be lost??


We currently have Runic chests this week. Don’t worry, all your silver chests are being safely added to your account. You will be able to open them up next week when the Runic chests go away.


Thank you so much for letting me know. I knew I wasn’t crazy when I won them but then did t see them.

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