Team Gauntlet is next


At least that’s what the event calendar says.



My eyes :see_no_evil:


I have to agree that the poster is pretty awful :see_no_evil:


Seems like bright colors is the theme of the week… Although Patrick’s one is quite a bit better in my view:


Both are too flashy :unamused:
Besides, seems that Poseidon missed the main focus here…

I’d rather have the white wolf in the Icon. :shushing_face:


Well maybe, but the first one is also just rubbish :joy:

Poseidon’s are always very professionally executed, even if you may not like the design.


How 'bout dis one? I spent a lot of time on it.


You know PQ bases his drawings off real posters right?




Did they change the prize requirements? I can’t remember the progression from last team gauntlet. I’m referring to the 450-500 sigil prizes, seems to be a lot less than last time iirc.


Looks the same now as it was before.