Team Gauntlet -Proportions - Teampoints

Hello Community , hey @PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGEggToken

After this team gauntlet event there are issues i wanted speak about and want ask you to offer us the statistics of how much teams was able to get that last Teamprize… From Diamonds and Saphire.

From Fighting Pits to team gauntlet you probably think the points we are able to gain are greater with factor of max_teamgauntlet / max fighting pits… But that is not the case.

  • First of all if we want buy 100 energy… we have to pay in team gauntlet 10, then 20 and then 30 energy packs for 100 energy inside a day…

  • At the flag or fighting pits event we are able to get every round 100 energy for 100 packs.

Beside that in team gauntlet event PvP is at higher leagues when people are awake very fast over… at last day after 1 attack it was done at our island… So how you think is good to say that you win that maximum as often as you want , or calculate with it ??

For example : - if it is ~280-290 points at max with inner fire or super… you get arround 1-2k … and then wait until you are able to get next chance… Beside that getting this , means attacking crazy high levels… and often some can defend you… so its not a piece of cake… Mostly we attack people we are able to beat even after defenders then… so its not the max choice.

  • The islands starting with very low amounts… and it dont rise fast … so it takes a day often to get to that last point… and even then the island is off for 6 hours !

  • in a active team where biggest islands which can gave better, not double from other events… they are often gone because many try to earn something.

  • you know very good that the islands give you base points from 100-200 + some variable points of depending of heavieness.

So as you see, we are not able to play nonstop as in fightingpits or flagevent… or King of the hill and others…
In this event we get stopped by
A: waiting time of good islands…
B: of expensive new energy …

And then you dont give us anymore the option of a Bonusmeter… Maybe it was last time with teamprizes same… But as many i am busy with life too and thought now to speak about it.

80000 points… that is too much work… not many teams can obtain that… and still its a nasty thing of waiting that the last islands or pvp open , even for 1-3 attacks in case…

Compared to events as Feeding, Fortification or others, even some PVP events,… these points are too high…
Thats why dear PX/PG Team… I want ask you to open details of how much teams at number was able to it…
I guess in diamond or S1 maybe a few… but compared to all , and compared to maxed teamprizes in other events this one will be outstanding!
Afterall people gave there all inside 2 weeks for sale dragon, and there was no energy gain which could be useful now. Even if the events was great from structure.

Btw. Breeding teamprize at 9k is high too compared to other prize lines… My team was able to obtain it … but it is very high aswell.

I please you to realize really how this event work, how good players play there, and how teams are doing.
I doubt that many in PG play it at limit to see this issue, but thats why i tell about … not to hurt anyone, but to open the sight.

Please check the data , i guess you will figure out what a pain of work that means !
Arround 30k would be quite good ! Or half of actual state…

  • I guess as i showed how energy is expensive to get , and how the average from points getable shrinks with the fast pvp ending or high waiting time for islands, that here is a need of a balance change drasticly.

@Arelyna i hope this time i explained why i was that day a bit frustrated… At least we all try to win sigils, to gain stuff with effort, but when we see a such high expection , it is shocking…


Agreed with this. This is the first event I haven’t reached the 450 prize in some time.
I used free energy when I could, got 232 energy each reset (which is 35? energy packs, each day) except for Sunday (where I got 116 energy) and the last Monday reset.
I burned through over 100 energy packs, over 150 IF and barely got the 96k prize. Now I only have 40 energy packs for next event.
That’s a ridiculous price for the measly 450 prize. Combine that with the lack of chests from attacking low level PvE’s and it’s a soul sucking weekend…
Please consider adjusting the prizing tiers and the gustav levels/suspending the chest level gap for event hits.


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