Team Gauntlet PVE 1 hour vp deductions

So today as I’m looking at PVE islands it dawns on me that I’m not 100% sure if the VP lost at the hour mark is a one time thing or if it’s accumulative. Do you lose x amount of vp after the 1 hour mark and that’s it? Or do you lose x amount of vp over y amount of time. Is there a cap on VP lost ? Or is it indefinite. While I’m aware the deduction is minimal I’d still like to known how it works.
After 6 hours going back and forth with PG I was first told:

A) PVE don’t have VP (not true)
B) VP isn’t reduced because of the time completed its reduced based on whoever completes the island fastest (apparently we have vp now)
C) The notifications telling us our points were x amount based on the amount of time it took to
kill the island are “repetitive reminders” and “you can just ignore it”

And then lastly when I pressed for a more straight answer “It specifically says win in less than an hour to receive max vp I want to know much much vp is deducted for how long and why” and asked to speak to someone else who could better explain, I was told that the don’t divulge their algorithms and that any info they can share is in the rules, and I could always open a new ticket.

For the love of god does someone have a straight answer ? Or can at least point me
In the direction where I can educate myself. I don’t really think asking how many points are going to be lost and for how long is that outlandish of a question.


Sorry for being noob. But what is PVE?

Player versus Environment, such as the Blackblood islands. :t_rex:

VP<1hr is the maximum VP that your team can earn for defeating this island in under 1 hour. After 1 hour, the VP earned will lower by 2.25% for 22 hours and 13 minutes until it caps out at 50% VP earned



Thank you! That is literally all I was looking for. I appreciate it

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You saved the Internet! Trust me :joy:

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