Team Gauntlet this week

Yay, I guess? I dunno. Whatevs.


Another awesome poster from @PoseidonPQ though :eyes:


I know I’m in the minority…but I like this one. The fun of needing to be on your toes and ready every few hours is something I enjoy. It’s like a weekend full of war waves.


That’s the fun part. Just too much grinding on PVE islands for me, especially given that I can’t even complete egg missions against most of the blackblood bases.

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Is that still true since they revamped the islands? I thought I could at least do missions and got drops on from the PVE islands last time

I don’t have mech’s table handy, but it depends on your level and your league level. I think I got mission credit on the last two islands.

edit: here it is

So if Plat, last two. If Saph, last 4. Diamond last 8. Gold none at all if you are high enough level to need the level 84 requirement.

Yeah they’re good for sapphire and diamond now but I agree they need to do something for platinum and below.


The best part about your post? Mr. Bigglesworth. Ha ha ha!

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