Team Gauntlet Upgrade Ideas

Let me start out by saying I actually like this events concept. Having both PvE and PvP bases always gives players targets to hit when they log in. Granted this has been my experience, and I don’t want to speak beyond my Plat 1 residency. What I have noticed though is that during the beginning of this event Warrior Isle bases are a mere level 28 and the bases top out at Gustav Isle at level 90. These seem rather low for Plat 1 to me. Note: I am not aware of what base levels are for anything other than Plat 1 as I did not pay attention to this during the prior Team Gauntlet events when our team was not in Plat 1 and I have no idea if this event is scaled.

I noticed that hitting the PvE bases all the way to Gustav Isle requires over 250,000 HP to unlock all them all. This requires quite a number of PvE attacks. I realized that I was seeing no drops at all from hitting these bases and only seeing drops during the PvP. I contacted support and the person was very nice and here is their response: “We have an anti-grieving code in place which basically eliminates rewards if a higher- level player attacks someone many levels below them.” i told them that I wasn’t speaking on hitting another player but the required PvE bases in this Event, however, that code must be on PvE bases because the next reply said:Regrettably, we, the Support Team, are not in a position to bring any immediate change to the currently implemented formula; however, I will forward your feedback to the responsible team…"

My thoughts on this was just swap out to lower tier dragons I haven’t used in a while, but there’s no xp to get either with the bases much lower. So, maybe this event needs a face lift, but I don’t want to speak for the Sub Leagues above me, as I don’t know how this event is for them. My experience though has been that for Plat 1 to start with level 28 bases and cap out at level 90, many players in Plat 1 will get terrible xp/single digit xp and no drops for hitting the many PvE bases throughout the chain isles.


Basically, if you’re going to force us to hit low to destroy the PVE, don’t reduce chest drops. Simple.


I agree that something needs to be done. Whether it is removing the level range limit on chest drops on PVE island, scaling PVE island to attacking player’s level, or scaling PVE island level to the league, something needs to be done.

Extremely annoying to spend 100s of energy and attacks and get NO chest drops because the attacking player is 200 and the highest PVE island is level 90…and yes, this is from my personal experience, this entire event. Pretty sad when you have to stop hitting PVE islands and go run some XP bases to get some chests in hopes of a few IFs…


Hmm - if they used Atlas poacher tech and applied it to PvE that would be great!

So Gustav will be current poacher - same level as player, 100% xp, then scale down from there to the other islands. Could work! Maybe?

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You mean use Atlas to improve the rest of the game? Get outta here! Seriously, awesome idea. Wonder how hard it would be to implement? How hard would it be to get the different engineers/departments together to look at it @PGJared ?

I have my moments

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And I know Team Gauntlet is but one of several PVP events, but such a massive improvement to it would be a huge step forward to it. Could also be applied to any PVP that starts with PVE bases/islands…

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