Team Gauntlett Prizes

Thank you, Pg. We are making some headway. I have to say, the team quest prizes look very solid. I’m curious, are they scaled to league? If not, I think that would be a great route to go. Scale the prizes themselves and the points needed. But I like what the team, Indy and team quest prizes contain. Definitely a step in the right direction.

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The requirements to reach said prizes probably scale them to league, if they aren’t already.

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I checked my main (plat 2) vs this account (gold 3) and team achievements are identical.

the rewards are pretty good and therefore are good for all players in all leagues, even for the low levels and beginners

If you look at the requirements to reach each prize tier it pretty much scales itself at least for platinum and down. Maybe add more tiers for sapphire and diamond or boost their prizes but if platinum and down gets nerfed team achievements are gonna be a whole lot to do about nothin (and what are we talking about here already, a couple hundred sigils?). Don’t get me wrong the extra sigils are always appreciated, but i mean it’s not like it’s changing anyone’s life. Make em worse and it’s just another irrelevant PG thing like Ochre

Edit: If they were scaled UP, as in the rewards as it is now are what bronze league gets, then they get better the higher the league from there, then :+1:

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Oh yeah, I’m so planning what I can build with those 10 x 12hr timers!!! It’s so exciting…

They aren’t anything to get excited about.

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I’m sure you’ll use it on a legit upgrade…:ok_hand:t2:

I know! I’ll be able to build so many towers!!!

oh, wait…:pensive: lmao

there are actually enough D1 and D2 teams splitting apart while pvp events.
they join bronze teams to get the most easiest personal rank and u want to reward them with even cheaper Team Achievements Prizes?
honestly i think it should be the same in all leagues(like it is now)

There are no evolve stones for Ochre in the team achievement prizes this time. Has PG just given up on that dragon, or is this an oversight?

This is going to be hard to achieve since only one person on our team can score points.


The team achievements should scale to league 100%. Since glyphs and good runes are hard to find, why not make it easier to obtain the 30k points 40 team members? It’s too much for a good team/plat team. Higher lvl players will end up leaving (maybe). The speed up prize is very nice :+1: and egg tokens are of course awesome!! But for plat and under league, I think it’s a bit too much. @PGDave @PGCrisis @PGCoffee @PGJared

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