Team Glory Has Been Credited to Teams

Team Glory has now been credited to teams based upon the number of alive troops each team has. The ratio is 1 glory per 1 troop alive. Teams may now use this glory to hire castle guards.

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I assume that consistent with previous discussions, it is only awarded to teams currently owning land? (Just to confirm as I know someone will think otherwise)

Also, is the 4.20 update required to assign castle
Guards or is it really possible right now for castle owners?

i was under the impression we had till 4.2 release came out to have as many revive or troops built?

4.2 is not out and was still reviving troops.


When will the situation be fixed that happened last night? I’d really like my castle back before event starts.

Wtf PG

You told us a timeline and didn’t stick to it…( well I guess this is what we have learned more and more about pg is how they don’t stick to their word)

We can’t put exact amounts the slider is broken

What are you talking about? They said it would be today. And it was today. How did they not stick to their timeline?

And @SandyFistOfPG 4.20 is gonna be updating today, in a few hours probably. My guess is they wanted the team glory credited so when they update they don’t have to change anything extra. It’s a big update on itself already. They said it was gonna be around this time that they would update so :man_shrugging:t3:

@pgecho we got credited less guards than troops we have right now. Support just replied that amount was locked in when 4.16 has been released.

Is that correct?

well with the link posted, they clearly say WITH the release of 4.2 (knowing PG, who knows when that will actually be) and thats what i was working off of

i have 12k revive troops in que. I would have rushed those down prior to going to app store. So considering a team of 50 thats a lot of troops in que that could be rushed to further bolster team troops. plus depending on timing of 4.2 i may have been able to squeeze out one more load of revive troops.

so to me that makes a difference. but really i shouldn’t be surprised since its PG

But what if 4.20 went live now? You still wouldve had 12k revive troops in queue. Nothing would be different?..
It was announced that it was gonna be around this time. You can blame PG for a lot but not everything is on them…

What i mean is: its pretty obvious that it doesnt work like you think… You think that you could just see when the update is available, and then finish your troops before you update and they would credit team glory for everyone seperately?
Pretty standard they would just look at the total of troops and credit team glory for the whole team…

Again: You knew it was gonna be around this time. You couldve just sped it up…

The amount was locked/run early this morning. I’m seeing that your team received the correct amount, how many troops do you believe your team has alive? The job take quite a long time to run so we ran it shortly in advance of the release so that all the values could be credited in time for 4.20.

I will confirm that our team has within 2% of the expected troops that I expected to receive. This is acceptable to me due to difference in the times that the lock ins were done and my screencaptured info was taken :+1:


I counted troops hour or so ago and we should get 191k more. I doubt that we built 191k last few hours. We thought that we have time until 4.2 release . Also when I look at my assets I only see troops that I have in barracks, I have to look team contributions to see my totals.

I wonder if my 4K troops I did this morning counted, that I used speedups to do so it would count

@pgEcho why I’m not happy with y’all setting timelines and not sticking to it

How many Castle Guards we can hire with 1 Million Team Glory points? And how that castle guards work when someone attacks any particular castle? I mean the same way as previously, like killing 60k-80k troops to trigger the shield? or any other changes is there?

@pgecho please look into the stats of the defensive troops base… i’m sure this is a mistake

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