Team/Guild name changes

After extensive research I see the desire for being able to change a team name has been addressed several times, and back as far as 2015, but have not seen any real discussion on the matter.

I am in a merged team and we obviously kept the name of the stronger team but the current leader and several officers would like a new name but this does not seem to be an option.

Is there any way to get this seriously addressed and make it a thing?

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I am sure that if the leader were to message support the rep would do it gladly. Just be polite and straightforward. Have heard of this being done in the past but not sure if those were actually true. May be worth trying.

I have never heard of it. It would make things way too confusing if you could change guild names. The only way I know of to change a team name is to mobe everyone to the new team and start over.

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Not sure it should be allowed, just Willie nillie, but there should be
something in place in the event of a merger. Two new teams merging to make
a new team deserve a new name.

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