Team Help Button

Has a team “help” button ever been suggested?? Ie:members hit a help button which would speed the member requesting help construction, research etc up by a certain percentage… it would encourage activity as well as helping a bit especially with those huge construction times … doesn’t have to be a huge percentage but I’m sure anything would be appreciated


Is it limited to speedups?

Seems like a good idea. If it’s speedups oriented, probably we can limit it using cooldown, and the speedups used shouldn’t be too big…
And perhaps the helper can pick which one should be boosted…

Well there’d be a max percentage that it could be reduced by and each “help” would reduce it by a set amount I only know how it’s applied in other games but perhaps it could “cost” each person helping whatever amount of time it’s reduced by that’s slightly different but a good idea I think

Do you mean that it would be a button asking for your team mates to use their speeds to help reduce your remaining construction time? Not seen that in a game before :thinking:

Well using their own speeds wasn’t my original idea… just having a button to take off a small amount up to a certain total percentage was

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Yeah… don’t think that’ll happen unless actual speed ups are used.

Like I said above that’s an idea too just wasn’t my original one… who’d miss a few small speeds? And if you don’t have them don’t hit the button… was just a thought as other games have this as a matter of course

I’m guessing that you are referring to games where you can ask your team to “send” you energy or lives? Where you need energy/lives to keep playing, and when you run out you have to wait x amount of time for the energy/lives to be replenished. Like Marvels Contest of Champions or Candy Crush.

In MCoC you get loyalty points for helping teammates, which can be spent on buying consumables, or even a new champion(which would take a lot of points to get). Maybe having a help button on towers under construction and egg in incubator, so teammates could help you out with a free 15min speedup or something? With a limit to how many teammates can send help, and how often you can ask for it. To encourage people to help eachother, the ones sending help could get… I dunno, 10 rubies? Or 10 egg tokens?

Just adding to your idea :blush:

No more like game of war there’s a help button with a max amount of helps for construction, incubation etc

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