Team Influence in Atlas

Can someone from PG please post what the new formula is used for calculating team influence in Atlas? It was all changed without any word from PG which isn’t surprising but it would be nice to know what factors are used and how much each factor is weighted.


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I don’t have the exact formula at the moment, but it’s the factors from before (castles owned and total Troop count), with League rank added in.

Which is it?

If it is the same as before why did the top teams change so drastically? I’m not saying Dread isn’t more influential than NMO but the positions were reversed a week ago and now Dread has a noticeably higher ranking… so something changed…

Probably this.

What does League rank have to do with Atlas… but okay.

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So if league ranking was the change then how did teams like Japaneeeze and DragonCreed jump so much?

Is Jap no longer a top 5 team? (I don’t pay attention anymore)

Odd about DC though

Think they are 6. My point is our team was ranked higher then Japs, DragonCreed and DC in Atlas this morning, and we are ranked higher in league standings then all 3 of them, yet all 3 of them passed us up in Atlas ranking. And not just by a few points, by a lot.

Edit: you can add Empire into their as a 4th team. We were ahead of them in Atlas this morning as well and they also passed us up.

oh well it’s just an random number… keep in mind who developed the formula for that number… you can’t expect it to be right can you? Oh that was mean… my bad. (I’m suppose to be good these days)

my guess is all 4 teams that passed us have more troops then us. I’m fine with whatever rank we deserve, I’d just like to know what factors are being used to determine the rankings and how weighted each factor is.

And why the change?

Level 5 land? I wonder if they started adding weight for owning it.

Why odd dear?
I think ranking just back to normal,as it always was before :woman_shrugging:t2:
And at the end of the day,it’s only numbers…not sure,why ppl getting so upset about this)

Because it’s opaque, like everything else PG touches. It would be nice to know how something simple like atlas rank is actually calculated.


My point was,ranking is back to normal,not broken.
They added few other factors,as I can see.
So ranking is changed now
I think they made it,because earlier it was more likely “troops killed”
And they changed it to multiple aspects now
But I’m sure they will add some explanations,if ppl wants to change the ranking
Empire and Japanese are in top strongest and oldest teams in Atlas tbh🤷🏻‍♀️

I think the biggest issue is nobody knows WHAT that is ranked on. It’s like trying to play a sport and nobody knows the rules of the game. But then suddenly a score appears.


I really want to have clarification on this mechanism of team influence.

I am a lvl 134 on a saph 1/cusp D2 team. Atlas ranking just around 50

if i click around on other primarks, stuff starts to look messed up:

if i click on a team with atlas ranking around 70’s if i were to attack a level 198 i would get 44% glory payout. I would continue to get this 44% glory payout all the way up to high 280 lvl players. WTF is that about.

So that means i will only get max glory payout on teams with a higher atlas ranking? There are so many sandbagging teams with high level players that will have lower atlas ranking where i will not be able to attack players.

i will have to see how this plays out, but basically means that i will no longer be doing much of anything in atlas. i was previously looking forward to atlas expansion, but with all the changes; none for the better, atlas is beginning to look like the fun potential i was hoping for is not going to be there

There are so many teams in neutral that have low team rank but tons of troops that deserve to be attacked when they get land for constantly coming into our land and down hitting for easy glory, but as a team we will not get to get revenge because glory payout will be a joke.

All i see to this; if i actually want to have fun in atlas, i will most likely have to leave my higher ranked team to join a low ranked team so i can attack players with similar levels for max glory payout. And that just does not sound enticing at all. If I stay, I pretty much will be relying on my defensive primarks left on home terf for glory if i want to stay on the team, or the odd team battle but i will be at suck a disadvantage it does not seem like i would be worth my time.

i have asked several friends with lower atlas rankings and higher level than me to see the glory they would receive. But if they are higher level, lower team rank and get close to max glory, this will not alleviate the down hitting problem that is in place currently.

tl;dr Build more troops, own better castles and win wars to try to gain influence. Influence is relative to other teams.

Influence is based on how your team ranks (versus other teams) in three categories:

  1. Castle ownership (total strength, with higher level castles being worth more)
  2. Team rating (from war)
  3. Troops trained during or owned at the start of the season (this factor had a bug, but will be properly reflected in the next influence update)

For each team, their worst ranking category is discarded (for clarity, “best” means rank 1). Each team then earns one influence point for each team they outrank on their two remaining ranking categories.

Example (illustrative numbers only):

  • Alpha team has elo=1000, 1000 troops and 1000 castle strength.
  • Bravo team has elo=500, 9999 troops and 500 castle strength.
  • Charlie team has elo = 700, 7000 troops and 750 castle strength.
  • Alpha’s ranks are elo=1, troops=3, castle=1 --> drop the troop rank --> elo and castle rank are ahead of two other teams each ==> 4 influence points total
  • Bravo’s ranks are elo=3 troops=1 castle=3 --> drop the elo rank --> troop rank is ahead two other teams and castle rank is ahead of no other team ==> 2 influence points total
  • Charlie’s ranks are elo=2 troops=2 castle=2 --> drop the elo rank --> troop and castle rank are ahead of one team each ==> 2 influence points total

You need to surpass other teams to increase your influence above other teams. New teams joining Atlas will also lift the total number of influence points available (every team added to Atlas effectively increases the maximum influence score by two).