Team Influence in Atlas


Is this referring to the island level or the infrastructure level?

From the core game?


Castle (island) level in this case. Teams can’t hide low in the influence rating by conquering valuable castles and not developing their infrastructure.



Was it always calculated this way?


In the past it was calculated as some function of the gold upgrade value of the infrastructure your team owned. And prior to that I forget :P. The current formulation was developed in conjunction with players to help fairly assess a team’s current strength and limit the ability to sandbag (with future season prizes further reinforcing the latter).


Far as I’m concerned this is rediculous, just making it so much more complicated than it needs to be, have you ever heard of the K.I.S.S. approach.

Just make he potential glory earned respective to one player’s level versus other player’s level. Done! Then it doesn’t matter what League you are in or what rank in that league you are. You 5 flame an opponent 0.90+ your player level you get 100 percent glory, etc.

Another advantage to this are high level players parking themselves in lower leagues thinking they’ll make out.

Let’s to simplify the game please.


This is also because those teams are in an atlas alliance . The new form of alliance so it combines there strength. And then divides it up I guess


That would be a disaster.

Team Influence doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with glory. I believe it is what is being used for team glory scaling, but without that the most advantageous thing to do is to pick on weaker teams big players (low 300s).

They have a pretty nice UI that tells you exactly what you will get before battle.


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