Team Interface please add info for us

We need a team interface…

Basically showing all the information in one spot…
Like we have for the gold, shards, troops built and troops killed.

We need a page that lists islands owned and what level each building is on that island. When upkeep is due etc…

A basic data page that’s simple would suffice.
Having to click each island and collect the data manually is a huge waste of time!

Also, as an upgrade is happening… it would be nice to have a visual que on the island like we do when we are building towers so we know construction is going on just by looking at the map.

These should be easy asks that would improve management of the islands.


Really should be implemented before upkeep on castles with no infrastructure

Also being able to view contents of banks. Currently you can do this by acting like you’re gonna transfer from another bank but would be nice if there was a page with this as an intended feature

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