Team Leader Appreciation

Could we come up with some kind of Team Leader Appreciation? These people are the heart and soul of this game. In many respects there would be no game to speak of without them… please, if you agree, respond with meaningful suggestions… otherwise, keep mum, I think they get enough of our grief in game … they maybe a bunch of narcissistic sociopaths LOL but, who of those who enjoy War Games is not?


Team leader? Please explain.

By team leader do you mean those that thought up the game and set it into motion?

Or are you talking about the leader of the teams in game? Those that have the gold symbol by their name?

1M rubies to all the team leaders :rofl: woohoo!

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Dev team leader?

Or player team leader?

Former, sure.

Latter, I’m not going to praise for my own uncle. :joy: Maybe I can get him a six pack, but that’s about it.

Oh, you mean like me? After Dave finished interviewing me as 3rd person to DL WD seconds after initial release he commented on how 300 more people downloaded it during the 20 minute interview then asked if I would help turn their “Demo” into an actually playable game LOL for no recognition whatsoever nor so much as a “thank you”! Well, thanks for noticing but what I believe my Alt is getting at here are those who commit their time and effort to holding our heads above the proverbial water tables while keeping our Teams together and as sanely active as humanly possible … and for what? As you say a little gold badge next to their names!

Also just the team leader? Or should the officers also get something? Leadership in general of teams deal with alot, more then i think their team realizes


Point exactly Soul mate!

Now I want be leader :joy:

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Ok dumb idea maybe … but hey, it’s not like I was suggesting bringing back Feeding! I mean, like I appreciate Team Leaders for all the thankless work they do. And I hate seeing how many great Team Leaders we’ve lost over the years to fatigue and burnout…

So I’m gonna stick my neck out and Declare February 29th War Dragons Team Leader Appreciation Day!

And gift them all a US$99.99 pack each?


The people who are leaders for the right reason would turn this down in a heartbeat. In any team worth its merit, the “leader” is just one person working together with others to keep the team running. Officers do a crap ton, and that’s not even mentioning the fact that there are leaders and officers on teams as general players. Leadership is a few pixels and that’s it. That’s all it should be. There are so many others that would be overlooked if this was a thing, not to mention turning leadership into some coveted position for the absolute wrong reasons.


@GhostRider419 you mean there’s a reason these people give up their time to come online and hold the rest of us together to act as a Team, working with others we don’t even know, from all walks of life, people we’ve never met, many of which if we did might not otherwise give the time of day let alone lend a helping hand much less defend, even some whom if we did meet might actually if not arbitrarily hate, quarrel with, or denigrate for otherwise entirely subjective reason?

If so, might it not then be said, for whatever the reason there maybe for their time, energy, efforts, many of whom investing the greater deal of heart and soul, is it not then - it is they who might then be doing it for all the wrong reason?

While I’d not debase the man by quoting him might I at least @Jalen with due respects for one whom I’ve grown to admire, love and consider a Mentor of Mentors who’s own wisdom far surpasses my feeble own … who I humbly admit might know this game, as a game, better than most, while the greater game of life as yet may very well be anyone’s guess … not because I fear you maybe right whereas I wrong … I did after all respectively and reciprocally admit it to be a dumb idea … but to weigh in, if at all possible on this notion of reason … because you have me wondering, whereas I’d thought it but a game and so have to my better abilities (disabled though maybe) payed it as such … so must wonder … might we all then be playing for, as you say, ALL THE WRONG REASONS?


Tell that to the leadership that take their teams problems to heart. To the leadership that has watched their team fall many of times but get back up. Tell that to leadership that gets shit on by their team because wars are being declared on them that they cant win, something they have NO control over. This game is tiring on those in leadership, more then the team knows, because they do so much for the team.

No they shouldnt get a $100 pack each, like suggested above. But a handful of rubies, timers, sigils, or something small would be nice. Its would be a nice way for pg to go, “hey we know its hard and we appreciate it.” Something small is better than nothing, something to let leadership know their doing a good job no matter what their team or own brain says. But thats my two cents, I guess my reasons arent right for an officer if I think that this is a decent idea :woman_shrugging:


The best gift a team member can give leadership is hitting team goals. Nothing else is needed.

Don’t stress leadership and send them to an early grave!

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But, sir, you just can’t cancel your coffin at this point. It’s already been built and polished.

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Easier said then done though for some teams.
The ones struggling get stressed because their team isnt thriving like they want.

Although it’s a game, it does come with stress sadly

Perhaps I should clarify since people seem to not understand what I am saying:

Yes, leadership is a lot if it is done well. That said, I will not put myself on some imaginary pedestal when I know for a fact that my officers work just as hard as I do and that there are other teammates who work hard to keep the team going too.

That’s me speaking as someone who takes my team to heart and loses sleep and whatever else was said. In the end as far as the game goes, that leadership title is a few pixels under the name and that’s all it should be. I stand by that. Out of respect for the people on my team who don’t have those pixels but would do well with them.

Hm, can’t agree with the reasoning. Most of the better teams I know of have leaders that I wouldn’t characterize as “just one person.” They do things that others on their teams can’t recreate, mostly because the combined ability and willingness to do them is rare.

I might agree with the conclusion. I think most of us feel, most of the time, that any reward is superfluous on top of the privilege of getting to lead 49 of our favorite people in the game. For those other times, 1M rubies wouldn’t feel like enough. :wink:


Yeah I am realizing that me at 5:30am just waking up didn’t phrase things well. By no means am I saying that leader is just one person. If anything it’s the total opposite.

My complete opposition to this stems from teams that have a leadership team. Only one person gets a benefit? What about teams where the leader does Jack shoot? They get some benefit that they arguably aren’t earning?

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As a former Leader having a “Team Leader Appreciation” for those bearing the title wouldn’t feel right because of the others that it would exclude from recognition, and also because there are Leaders I’ve met that are undeserving of such recognition. Having this back when I still was leading my team would not have encouraged me to keep on leading it either. There comes a point where no matter how hard you try to get things right again unless the other 49 follow suit you will get nowhere and the heartache of struggling to lead what is nothing more than a shell just pushes you to the point of being done with trying to show people that a little effort from the whole makes it easier on them all.