Team logo thingies on the atlas map

I was just wondering how some castles have the giant logos that are visible even when you zoom all the way out on the atlas map, is it like top few teams or the best type of territory the one with the gold star. I’m curious

Not so sure. But those may be the capital castle of the top ten teams in atlas.

No because same teams have multiple

Those are 5* lands. But idk how it picks which team to display when there’s multiple teams in the region

This is a pretty old feature in Atlas, but the large crests should show the longest-held castles of the top ranked teams in Atlas.


Ohh :hushed: got it

The large crest feature would be great if they appeared on the castles your team owns.:wink:


I think you’re talking about the giant star thing for your Capital. Capitals are a relic left over from when PGDave had plans for them, but as of right now, they don’t really do anything. Maybe we should just remove that marker for now because it’s confusing.

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IDK if it’s what Tingg meant, but it would be nice to be able to quickly spot our and maybe our allies’ castles from the air, i.e. when looking at the zoomed out map.

It’s always nice to have extra ways to navigate. You often want to find the closest respawn point to a target or a defense, or just get a sense of the geography. Maybe this changes with shufflecluster, but maybe not – locations owned for less time will be less familiar.

personally i have a spreadsheet that will highlight the closest place if i type in xy. but it’s nice to be able to play without an extra computer involved sometimes.

I care more about this than whether LD or Dread or whomever it is today is dominating the frozen northwest.


This is what support said:

“Those icons are the Team Icons that represent the owner of the highest-level Castle in the Region. When a team owns a Region Level 5 - Castle, their Team Icons will be appearing likewise in the overview map in Atlas and will remain in it, unless the Castle was dominated by another team.”

This capitol idea sounds cool

This is exactly what i was trying to say. :sweat_smile: