Team Meeting Hall-After War


I tried to find a post on this…
After War is over and you go to Team Meeting Hall to collect egg tokens, it brings up a screen that shows different key players in War. Can I get an explanation on what each of those achievement really mean? Obviously MVP is pretty clear and maybe I’m thinking too hard about it, but would like a little more details. Wish I would have taken a SS. Thanks.


There are a whole bunch, a couple I remember are rank in team based on:

  • number of active defenses participated in
  • number of dragons defeated on your base
  • number of supershots activated
  • amount of rage spent (as attacker)
  • amount of damage dealt (as attacker)

It’s just to show how active people are and highlight the top participants, and then your own rating in a few of the areas compared to your team mates.


Those are the War stats used for MVP

Here is a breakdown from the old forums. As far as I know points are still awarded this way.


Old forums nostalgia…


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