Team Member Account Reset


One of our team member’s had their account reset in the same manner that happened when breeding too many eggs using auto breed or joining a banner while breeding used to happen. He is still able to log into the game and shows as level 350 to us(level 1 on his end) but when you go to the attack screen his base is gone. @PGJared Can you please get this moved into someone’s hands that can actually restore/rebuild his character data from backup. So he doesn’t have to go through the nonsense of normal support’s typical answers. They already tried telling him to try rejoining the team to see if that fixed the issue!!! When it happened to me while breeding an emerald dragon it took almost a month to be fixed and tons of emails to support only to receive nonsense back. This person has spent plenty enough on this game and shouldn’t be forced to wait that long to have this rectified. Thanks.
His IGN is: Tadash1san


Just curious was he receiving/sending huge amounts of resources from castle banks when she got reset?


The ticket has already been sent to our engineering team to get someone to look at it. At this point there isn’t much more I can do.


This happened to two people from our team a couple weeks ago. So I imagine more in store


Yep he had a bunch of transfers land right as it happened. I definitely won’t be asking for any rss or making transfers from the banks in near future lol.


I hope his account will be restored soon. It’s not fair to wait for a long time to get his account fix just because of a glitch. @PGJared is there an update regarding TADASH1san account?


Just happened to another team member. Axicon…this is just b.s.


@Daltwo I hope your teammate will get his account restored. Please @PGJared can you get a dev to look at the account of Axicon. Thanks.


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