Team member has been locked out of beta for a week


This player has had constant errors for the last week. Cannot get into beta at all for more than a couple seconds. Regular game functions fine. Support has been less than helpful. Please @PGDave can you look into this? Thank you.


I saw in @pgEcho’s post in another thread that 32-bit devices are not supported for Atlas right now, unfortunately. This will be fixed in 3.80 which we’re sending to Apple at the end of this week. Unfortunately this player appears to be on a 32-bit device :(.


Ok, I’ll update her. She’s really bummed out about this.


Will there be any kind of compensation for these players? If you look at past performance she usually rocks the events.


Think we could get some bullhorns and gold for players who were locked out? The loss of time to train troops is what I’m worried about. Would suck to go into the opening of new land with half the time as everyone else to build up


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