Team member loacation in Atlas

Why is there no way to tell, at a glance, where teammates’ primarchs are, and where their home base is set? Tapping through islands looking for team members is unwieldy and slow. In a previous iteration of Atlas while in beta, you could tap on any Primarch in the contributions tab, and see where it was. This was a great feature. Why was it taken away? It was said at one point that it would be returned, but still isn’t.

if u click their primarchs through the Contribution tab you can see where they are.

and the currently home location was discussed already with Eggtoken… hope that comes live in the future

How can you see where they are from the contributions tab? You used to be able to. Now when I click on a Primarch in that tab, it just exits the screen.

:thinking: i just clicked a teammates primarch and got redirected to the island where he is parked

Mine just exits to exactly where I was before I opened the screen. Ugh.

which device are u using?

works on both my Device. Galaxy s8 and Ipad5

iPhone 7+ and ipadPro. Same on both accts, both devices.

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maybe @PGDave or @PGEggToken can help?

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