Team messages interruption

Done a quick search on forum and didn’t see this, maybe I’m blind hope not.
I was just relised when sending a team message and the defend or attack icon appears and you join the teammate the message you were writting disappears, and you have to start from scratch.
So was wondering if pg could make the message sticky so you could go back to your team message where you left off after helping your teammate.


Just having a drafts folder would solve it. Agree it would be handy, it’s a pain losing a mail because you have to jump in a war run or something

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This is why I just type out my message somewhere else and then copy and paste the whole thing into the message.

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This has actually been brought up before lol, but I forget where. It was quite a while ago and I don’t have time right now to track down the relavent thread. Maybe later I can link it :laughing:

I always type out my team mails (esp. the longer ones pertaining to events and updates) in Google Docs, then copy and paste it into the mail in-game. Just make sure its under 1800 characters. But, yes, I agree that a draft function should be implemented. :t_rex:

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The forums save it lol oh but pg doesnt run thd forums right :wink:

It also saves it in TC AND LC.

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