Team names should be able to change

And just think! Even if we don’t do a merger, just one quick little name change and all of our enemies won’t know who we are anymore! #magical



Also, most of the time mergers never work out anyway… :man_shrugging:t2: Just sayin

They would think a different team was hitting them each time! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Eh, i hear teams consisting of sole nationality seem to merge just fine. :grin:

Two letters: N + O :no_good_man:t2:

That’s three letters!

No need for this. You should pick a name that you can stick with. And like the people above mentioned I’m pretty sure this suggestion was already turned down a few weeks ago.

This should be implemented only if there was another way to permanently identify teams. Coordinates for example, although those only exist in Atlas.

Other this could be used to perpetuate all kinds of shenanigans I bet. In another game I played, you could change the team name anytime, but the team was assigned an island number and kd number.

I’d like to be able to change team names. Even if it wasn’t common and was considered on a case-by-case basis. Or maybe if there was something like, one day a year you’re allowed to change your team name. I dunno. I feel like I’m rambling.

fades into the mist


Honestly, I’m all for it. I agree that it should be limited, but especially with the limits on Atlas access, being stuck with a team name you don’t want can be a real pain.

I’d say either:

A) Time-limited: Every team gets 1 name-change per year.
B) Cost-limited: You can change as often as you want, but has a cost that goes up with every change. So teams that abuse the function will rapidly find themselves paying 100k+ rubies per name-change. Either they’ll bankroll all of PG, or they’ll get caught cheating, or they’ll get stuck with the name they have.



I saw what you said. :eyes:

Let’s keep it between us

What’s wrong with WL4MT?

Not quite a name would want to be stuck with if was considering moving in a merge, or any of the others have seen over the years either :roll_eyes::joy: Does that name have a hidden special meaning that perhaps am not getting :thinking:

It originates from (what I think was) a typo Dae made on our recruitment thread in December, 2019:

From there in that thread and others it has developed into a recurring theme.

It was not a typo. It has never been a typo. I’m just a weirdo. :joy:


I’m glad you realize that :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Was giving you the benefit of the doubt. :joy:

Ahh, okay :blush::joy:

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