Team or Self Defense Rune Drop

Defending your teammates or defending your own base is barely worth the time. The game is set up for the Dragons to dominate, but the drops from both attacking and chests contain way too many of these Defense Runes (sword, shield, hammer), I have close to 400 of each and there is no way I’ll ever come close to using them, especially at only 5 uses per Dragon.

PLEASE, either increase the amount of runes we are able to use per dragon on defense and make the prizes better OR curtail the drops on these items. They just sit there moldering at this point.


So you don’t want free stuff?

My guess is you’re relatively low level, in gold or below and don’t know how to defend…

They probably also need to check out these threads:

Because it sounds like the players on their team don’t know how to build a defendable base.

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Burn thru that n more during 1 war lmfao :joy:

The swords, shields and hammers don’t go in tower or dragon rune slots at all, they’re a complete different animal. When you defend a base, you use the sword and shield to boost AP and HP, and the hammers to repair buildings (add back HP). You can use them by dragging them from the left of your screen onto the area you want to boost. Feel free to use as many as you want.

TLDR: they’re boosts, not runes.


Do you mean the super shot uses?

Technically, is it even 5 aupershots per dragon? I’ve noticed that if I use all 5, I only start out with 4 to use for the next attacking dragon.

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400 hammers is nothing. If your team engages in wars and you understand how to use them, you would know they are hard to get enough of.

Before complaining about them, find out how to use them. I’m sure plenty of ppl here could explain the mechanics of defending a base properly.

And fyi, defending your teammate’s base is not a waste of time… during a war, and occasionally at the end of a close pvp event round. Knowing when to use critical resources is as important as learning how to use them.


There’s also a good guide specially about defending bases:

Sorry. My fault. Still too high drop rate

Ok, just so we’re clear, PG please don’t nerf the drop rate on hammers and defense items. Clearly the OP doesn’t understand how to use them yet, or their importance in defending during wars.


I’m a measly level 57, but I do use at least 5-6 hammers per defense. If your team does wars regularly, they shouldn’t be hard to get rid of, in fact they’re pretty hard to get a hold of, as others have said. I think the base defense thread linked somewhere up there was pretty useful, or at least it was for me. It also teaches us newbies how to use those hammers, so maybe you’ll find it useful too :slight_smile:

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Yeah my guess is the OP didn’t bother to check out that link…

Don’t really need to defend in gold league but in platinum ( I was never in Sapphire or higher) it’s not hard to use 100 hammers per war.

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