Team Packs verse Individual Packs

I’ve always wondered why there isn’t “Team Packs”

Packs currently are tailored to individuals with a little chump change throw to the rest of the team.

For example the “Team Ruler Pack”
Distribute as follows:
5 gold and bronze chest to person purchasing and then 1 gold/bronze to each teammate
20 3hr/12hr to person purchasing and 1 3hr/12hr to each teammate
20k rubies to person purchasing and 1k to each teammate

yes PG will be giving away more, but i expect more players would spend money on this type of pack than the current, at least i would.


i know i would feel really good about my purchases if my whole team got something from it, that way low spenders aren’t left completely in the cold.


Excellent idea


I love this idea so much

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Good idea but I don’t see this happening.

This would help a lot in making the spending gap not so massive without really doing anything to the bottom line - aka ppl will spend just as much

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