Team page on WD Info- Where is application form?


I am trying to create a free team page, but i cant find application form to fill


That is a fan site, not an official site. @Alleviates can help you.


Hi @Unmaii I apologize for the application form’s state. I will fix it within the next hour. Thank you for bringing it to my attention and for Red letting me know of your message, too.

You cal email me your team details if that works for you also, as the form would send me as well.

Team name
Current league
Motto (if applicable)
Standout players (if applicable)
Fun facts
Favorite team dragons and avatars
Any logos or images you want on your page
Any info, really you’d like included on the page. or just go to my site and hit the contact button on the bottom right.

I’ll have the form working properly again in an hour, and again thanks for letting me know.



@Umaii I fixed the form, thanks again


Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile: will apply shortly


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