Team poachers xp question


Why don’t give team poachers the same amount of xp as the mine?

I mean the are in team territory only and I don’t see any valid reason to have them without the team xp increase.



Hey @Warlord
I think its because every team has different xp % cause everyone has different infrastructure.
If u say FG Poachers gives for example 11% extra exp but Poachers from my team giving the double amount so every team would come for ours.

Or think about NML Poachers. There are also Poachers but no Island Owners. Shall they remove XP there then?

Goldmine benefits us only with gold.

Poachers benefeting us with Gold and different kind of shards

And i dont think it makes a huge difference if u attack 3 times for 170k xp or 3 times for 150k. The ratio is 60k out of 3 attacks without Multipliers


@Sumatan the xp of the gold mine would only apply to poachers in the same region. If someone shares poachers everyone would have their xp bonus after attack. I’m also not sure whether that’s true bc the teams in the same regions should have the same infrastructure.

NML poachers don’t provide extra xp and that’s good as it is.

I’m solely talking about team poachers here.


Oh i thought you were talking about Poachers in general.

I share your idea.
Maybe Dave will involve it in a future release?


Poachers giving the same XP bonus as mines isn’t unreasonable. Maybe it will be a nice addition to a future release, though I think right now the team has to prioritize other bugs and usability issues first and foremost.


That’s cool Dave and I think it makes sense for the team poachers.


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