Team Poodle (D2 Teams)

Per request, here is a picture of the poodle we created on the map :slight_smile:

Gotta look from an angle!


Wow nice lol


Capture the monuments u missed also :raised_hands:

Looks like your team and one other team have 80% of land

I feel dumb :joy:

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Looks exactly like one!

Was it purposely done?

Separate topic, lets keep this for fun :slight_smile:

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Yeah :raised_hands: and don’t steal the land that’s owned by a team ( has only 1 hexagon) which is near to u . Atleast make them happy in that way lol .

That poodle’s body is a lil thin. Ya’ll gonna fatten in up some? :joy:

Are you guys gonna circumnavigate the map?

Not sure why, but your comment has the song “been around the world” by P-Diddy, Mase & B.I.G. stuck in my head now.

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