Team Portals Removed...Why?

@pgEcho @PGDave They were removed…why? That just makes no sense to me but figured you might have an explanation. I would normally say they would be removed because of faster travel but you cannot actually move freely so…

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so they are gone for your team? our team portals are still up?

Well new team portals cannot be built

oh yea i know about this.

i just thought they removed them now totally. :crazy_face:

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I built one yesterday testing it and it worked???
Are they gone now?

I’m either getting ignored or there is no answer yet.

I’m guessing flying primarchs looked better on paper than in test, so it has yet to happen. Maybe it will change in 4.20 - waiting to see pre-release notes.

Would have been nice if someone thought about what would happen next :roll_eyes:

Or at least just communicate with us. Saying…

Yes. You will not travel anywhere, basically… you have time out… or…
We are still working on the flying primarch and so and so will replace team portals… or
Yea, we haven’t found a solution yet

@PurpleFire you’re in time out.

@PGJared @PGDave could we have just a hint of what’s in store and how soon? Hoping for more than “smash the teams between you and your other territories” as an answer here.

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‘Flying’ morphed some as we discussed it internally and with players. The current version is basically an advanced navigator – i.e., it finds the shortest, safest route to get you to your destination and then you fly that route quickly. @pgEcho realize that this is particularly problematic for top teams which strive to control high level territory in several regions. There’s a number of ways we’re thinking about addressing this, and are discussing options with a smaller group of players first, but once we have some buy-in we’ll share more here. tl;dr I think we have a good handle on the drawbacks of the current system, and are actively trying to figure out what the best next step should be.

Two problems though…with no passage you HAVE to go through teams…also the rendering takes forever and it feels like it might be even more glitches when people start really moving around.

Thanks for following up so quickly. Much appreciated!

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