Team Portals unusable


We are getting a warning when trying to use our team portals saying this portal has dissapeared into the ether
The portals are still there you just can not use any of them


Thanks for the heads up. An engineer is on it.


@EmpiresBeast We’ve identified the source of the problem. Due to a bug, team portals will not work for 6 hours following the end of an event. After that time has passed (another 2hr or so from now) the team portals should be usable again (though I don’t yet have clarity on whether they’ll start after the results period of the past events ends in 2hr or whether they won’t work until the next event actually starts counting down … TBD). We’re working on a fix, but it will require a binary update. Sorry for the unintended blackout windows in the meantime.


How do you use portals? What are the rules governing them?


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