Team Price leveling/adjustment

Am I the only one thinking the progression in the team prices is a bit too hard? From 40/18.4 to 40/48.8k jumping over three individual levels?
Wouldn’t it be better for the team to have some in between? @PGJared


PGjared is on vacay and subsequently won’t be much help in the immediate future to your concerns.
@Arelyna is the one you want to tag.

At gold league or silver league can’t to got that achievement…

The team is still evaluating the progression levels within team prizing as we have more events that run with it.

Getting 40 members to that level without having 40 spenders is basically impossible.

Getting to the10th prize without spending is very challenging.

I do not think you can, with how points are awarded now, get to the level needed without spending. I would gladly be wrong.

Got my eyes crossed. You have to ge to the 20th prize. LOL.

How to earn 18.4K for 40 member and 48.8K?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover. Pick your poison…


If you’re a religious team, take up an offering, use it to buy app store gift cards, distribute to the 40 most active members of your team.

If you’re not religious, maybe a GoFundMe?

But for real, you cannot, regardless of your league get to that level without spending.

PG has to study this. By study they likely mean, how good does that last prize have to be to get 80% of a team to pay for it?

Once they have that answer, you will see that what you wanted changed will not change.

Lol i’m bored to purchase value pack

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