Team prize according to league

Hello all,

If anyone remember, before a few months ago, it was mentioned by PG to change team prize according to league as they changed diamond league team prize at that time and told us to wait for 2 or 3 weeks and then they will roll out to every league but it seems like more than 3 months or more. Still we dont have any change in team prize. Do you guys remember? Or i misread that forum? Thanks for reading.

They did it, but only to D1 and D2 and they did such an awful job that I think they gave up. They PG’d it.


Ya they changed to diamond team only but they said it will rolled out to every league. Can you please confirm it @PGCrisis. Thanks

Yeah, cause she is gonna admit what a complete and utter fail it was (Sorry Crisis, I know it isn’t/wasn’t your fault).



Problem is in order to do it properly it would need to involve giving diamond prizes a much much much larger prize than PG’s accountants will ever willingly agree to, so I think they abandoned it.


LMBO ! This is the answer to 99% of questions on the forum.



Nice! We have a new verb to put in any sentence on the forum related to player incentives. ‘They talked about increasing player happiness but it will cost the company too much so they ‘PG’d’ it.’

PG gonna PG. You can always count on that.

I have used that phrase several times :joy:


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