Team Prize Event Rewards

So 1-2 hours ago I claimed the team event chest, and about 20 minutes ago noticed that I didn’t get credited with the sigils (or the others, but this is what was noticeable).

Contacted support, got no response other than the we’re reviewing it as soon as possible etc. response and literally minutes later my account got rolled back 1-2 hours and I could claim the chest again. I claimed it and was awarded the sigils, but nothing else. Well I shouldn’t say nothing but the easily noticeable things like the eggs and 12 hr timers I did not get.

I’m assuming my rollback was related to my ticket given how quickly it happened and that I was able to collect the sigils, but no response still.

I’m pretty poor so I monitor these things tightly so some people might not notice if they got it, but did anyone else experience anything like this?

Could also be more Android issues (I have to force close my game about 20-30 times a day due to freezing on loading screens and bookmarks not loading etc.).

(Still no actual response from support)

Edit: Guess I could have gotten the eggs, I did get rolled back through egg missions too.

Edit 2: I got the sigils so I guess I should just shut up. But if nothing else take away from this to just check to make sure you got your goodies. If you haven’t claimed the chest and happen to see this, just check your stock before you open it to make sure.

Got my sigils - dunno about the rest :man_shrugging:

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This wasn’t so much a complaint as a “wtf just happened?” sort of post. Wanted people to make sure they check their shit. Despite no response from support at least I got the sigils in a very weird way :man_shrugging:

9 Times out of 10 the rollback like you described is actually the cache on your device not getting committed to the server. Usually a reboot of your device will result in the rollback to what the server sees.

I had this happen a few times during major progress which I ended up having to repeat. Not sure what causes it. I suspect either busy servers or connectivity blips

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