Team prize tier rankings

im not sure how the tiers are worked out anymore.

our team finished 7th globally in the kingpin event, and top of the tier 1 group 2, yet this event we are dumped into tier 10??

whats up pg

Sounds like a bug. Looking into it.

thanks pgdave.

i have been trying to explain this to support through the game, but they are completely missing the point and are answering with something does not relate to my problem.

this happens a lot.

please kep me posted as to when this can be rectified.


Also dropped too tier 10 after winning our previous.

Similar but different. Out team rankings list has 5 other teams listed and not us

Yeah we finished 3rd in a lower tier than ZenWanderer but we actually got pushed down several tiers below what we we’re going into kingpin. Seems kinda weird.

We didn’t event get an event prize for Kingpin. Also we didn’t show up in team Ranking for event. I messaged support so have some of my fellow teammates. We will see how this is resolved.

@pgdave any updates on this yet? it seems as though its not just our teams issue
but definately a cause for concern.

One of our engineers is working on it. We’ll make sure proper tiers are in place before the end of the event so that everyone is eligible for the best prizes possible. I have a suspicion that it is related to the late end time for the King Poacher event, but we’re still tracking it down so I don’t know for sure just yet.

It almost sounds like a…glitch :smiley:

Maybe it’s a new socialist ranking system where everyone is the same?

51 teams have had their event team tier/group assignments updated to their correct positions. Thanks for your patience while we addressed the glitch.

The Supreme King Poacher dispatched minions to seek vengeance.

Yes! :smiley:

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thanks pgdave

None of these teams are my team but they are showing for our teams rankings. Clearly the problem is not fixed completely @PGDave

Sorry about that, we will look into this today @Odie.

sounds like employees need retraining or need to play the actual game once in a while to familiarise themselves with its contents

Our team received no event prize from the last event and the current event isn’t showing us in the team rankings page.

@PGDave Mate,
Our team is not one of the 5 listed on our own Team Ranking.
We were 33rd in the last event, and we’re shown as Tier 2 (Group 4), but were not one of the 5 teams on the list.