Team prizes are not distributed if you change team

Hi all,
If you or any of your teammate changed team after the last event, watch out !! You most likely did not receive the team prizes!
I have found this after having changed team (they had accepted me after the prizes were distributed). I was wondering why I hadn’t rcvd the usual team prize chest after the event ended.
Contacted support, reply was:
TEAM Prize will not be awarded if you change team!!! Why? Because people were exploting changing team right after event end to get the higher tier prizes!!
So instead of awarding the origin team prizes pg just decided to not deliver the prize AT ALL!!!

Any of you that didn’t receive the prize, please post here!!

Please please please reconsider this! This way you punish also those who legitimately changed team for other reasons! The correct and fair way is not to impede the person to receive the prize at all, especially if :they have contributed to the event, with inners, energy packs !
PLEASE GIVE AT LEAST THE PRIZES OF THE TEAM OF ORIGIN! You discourage those who were exploiting but still reward those who contributed.
this is my ticket request (#994307)
Please please please !!!

Hmm… :thinking: There is one way to keep the cabbage and feed the goat as well:

Wait until you get the prize, then change team. Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect for the swap, those, who don’t wait (because they want to get better prizes) should face the consequences.

Although I think it would be the best solution if everyone got the prize of the team they finished the event with ELIGIBLE status.

I removed the tag for Dave (he only does Atlas) and switched it to Jared.

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system might be distributing it per team or slowly per member. Wait till you see that you can claim or actually, try to claim the team rewards first before switching team.

If you don’t wait, then yeah, you won’t get the team reward.

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U can’t choose when to be accepted to new guild. This depends on when the new team accepts u in!.
Support reply is that u don’t get to get the prize, either already distributed or not, implying that if u already received, they will get back.

U don’t get to receive neither origin team prize nor the destination team prize. And they were clear about it.
That’s not fair at all!

I’m asking for the prize of the team where I have contributed with my score! I don’t want more. Just what I fought for.
Edit: just to be clear, I was accepted after team prizes were distributed (at destination team). If intent was to exploit then I would have been accepted before!

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But you can choose when you apply.

When I left my previous team I waited for the event prizes to be distributed and then I applied. As I went to Plat 4 from Gold 2 proper communication was mandatory.

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If PG had informed about this change maybe!
One thing is giving what’s fair(prize of the origin team) and one is not giving at all.

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Yes I have the same problem here it’s not ok .
Also the new team that I joined waited to join me till the event price was contributed to them already so why I shouldn’t get my team price from my old team ??

in all fairness, when you apply different team during an event, a warning message will pop up asking if you really want to do it during event, if you chose to ignore the message, that’s on you tbh


I switched in this event, due to many no shows for wars, 6-8, and other team had a biggie leave for Diamond, so we had to do it earlier than planned. I DID NOT get a pop up message. If my points get taken from previous team (?), then I am not contributing to that team, but my points don’t get applied to new team either. They are out in never land floating around somewhere. I did not move for the higher prizes, just a better very active team. Should be posted on event page somewhere too in rules. But most experienced never go to read rules. :thinking: ???

That’s my point:

  1. moved cuz I wanted more activity
  2. Origin team was sapph2 but about to become sapph 1 in few hours, and I moved to a sapph1 team
  3. Pop up only says that if The other team accepts u will leave the team. Says nothing about not getting prizes

I used 100 inners and 50 energy packs… for nothing !

Evidently only few people have experienced this or actually noted this. Otherwise this post would have had at least 200 replies.
2-3% of people from a team change phisiologically after each event. And up until yesterday it was good to wait the team prize distributed and u can accept new ppl in. Now it’s not.

Most of PG gets to save all these people’s sigils cuz they are not distributing to these people

Update on my move. I went from Plat to Sapphire 2 and I received the sapphire prizes. So all is well!

When did you move?
When were u accepted into the new guild ? Before or after the prize distribution?

might have been lucky. You might have switched when the prize was being credited.

Now I’m confused.
Please clearly state under which circumstances the prizes can or cannot be distributed and the logic behind it.
Reply from support weren’t very detailed on this point.

It might be as simple as PVP events vs Breeding/Fortification events, but that’s just my guess. Dropping to a lower league wouldn’t really help you gain better prizes for Breeding & Fort.

Edit: And that’s what they seem to be wanting to discourage by not giving team prizes if you change teams during an event.

Now I don’t know if this is recognised by the game as the same thing as switching teams, but I had 2 teamless alts join during last breed event and both got team prizes

I am not 100% sure, but according to my best knowledge I honestly believe that one can get prizes only if they loyally contribute to one team. Therefore one without a team can join and get the prize, while those who abandon their team - regardless the reason - will get nothing. And this theory complies with

@arelyna @PGCrisis @PGJared
Can you pls reply?

You cannot switch and get prizes during pvp events, breeding, feeding and fort, you can.