Team prizes bug



Hi :grinning:

I would like to report a bug that affected my team, i’m one of the officers of ITALIAELITE;
We are not able to claim the 1.2K sigill team prize achievement even tho 40 of my teammates did their 42K points.

Did this happened to any other team? Could you @Arelyna @pgEcho @PGCrisis tell us why we couldn’t claim those?

Thank you for any reply.




Are you sure that 42k number in group is not rounded up?


Yep, 100%

The support just replayed to one of my teammates ticket and told him this is a bug and they’re working on it.

Still, is just my team affected or there are more teams who are experiencing this?


I’ll bet number 40 or both 39 and 40 are just under 42k.

Your best bet is to get them to screenshot their personal prizes screen to see that they have claimed the 42k prize.


another option is that someone ranked higher (then rank 34) is “ineligable” … happend to us too till we found out it that the ranking doesnt distinguish that. If you have screenshots of all 40 check that.


The number 40° have claimed his 42K prize, waiting for the number 39° to reply and see if he claimed it too.

Double checked the “ineligable” thing and everyone is ok :man_shrugging:t2:

Here the SS of number 40°:


You should be good to get the team prize then. Good luck!


Silly question.
Have you made sure that all 40 is eligible? :eyes:



I’ve asked around and some teams are having issues with the team chest instead :eyes:


Happened to my team on the 15k prize. I put in a ticket and then had to request it be escalated. Shortly after asking for the ticket to be escalated the team was able to claim. I am assuming the ticket worked.


Please submit a ticket and our team will review it asap.


Thanks @PGJared, a lot of my teammates submitted tickets for this problem, now i did it too.


We had this same problem but then event ended and was granted the achievement. It just took longer then it should have.


Issues solved!

Thank you!


Most of teams should have seen it come through. The team informed me that this was a temporary issue for most, but for those that it wasn’t, they should have received compensation.


Hi Arelyna,
My team also reached but didn’t received the last team prize, and no compensation yet (ticket #1396029).

I would appreciate, if you would check my ticket. Thank you!


In my team not all the players got the prize, u refound just half of our team. Can you explain why? Can you help my team mates to have the same sigills that we had this afternoon from you?
Thank you a lot for your patience.


TheLastKnights also has not gotten their team achievement prizes. Most of us have submitted tickets. My ticket still outstanding #1396380


I will follow up about this today.