Team Quest Chest Not Giving Right Rune

During Team Gauntlet Week 7 My Team Achieved A Lvl 10 “Quest Chest” (That rhymes) but we received a COMMON Sorcerer Attack Glyph and A Epic Hunter attack glyph. We were supposed to receive a Legendary Hunter Attack Glyph. Idk If a Common Sorcerer Attack Glyph + a Epic Hunter Attack Glyph = A Legendary Hunter Attack Glyph to PG but I want what was promised.

My entire team did not receive the correct Glyph either, Everyone check to see if u received the right Glyph or its just my team.

@moderators plz fix this for me and my team

Thx – TheyCallMeFear

First, moderators are not support people so they cannot provide any help except guide you how to send a ticket
Second, why did you complain now after a new event has started and not when you received your team quest?
Third, have you made a ticket during Team Gauntlet?

Lastly, what you see on the team quest is the next chest that you get so to get level 10 reward, the bar for it should be full (don’t know how much points is needed to get it since I never reached it)

This means that if you see level 9 there, it means that your team will receive level 8 reward by the end of the event and reaching the needed points means getting the level 9 and will now progress to level 10 with another set of points requirement

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We reached chest lvl 10, im sure of it.

Only thing we can do for you is say “have you submitted a ticket with support?”

Moderators are not PG employees. We volunteer our time to help try to keep the forums organized and handle flagged posts. Outside of the forums, we’re regular players like most of the other individuals who visit these forums.


Ok will do

On the basis you are in a p3 team, from experience, I’d guess you very likely only scored 9/10 and thus misunderstood when it said your next goal was 10, in this case it’d say x/240, if you looked at team participation (all you can see after the event), it’d reflect this. Eg this photo here, we have tier 4, yet it says tier 5.

:thinking: I read it as 112/115 progress to get tier 5 chests. But still, maybe not obvious for some players

Exactly, I’m assuming he thought that meant he had tier 10 when he only had tier 9

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I was confused about it when I first started. I still have to inform teammates about it sometimes. So I think it’s a pretty common assumption