Team quest modifications

in my opinion players don’t show that much of interest in team quests due to task amount and small prizes .
@PG , can u remodel the team quest in such a way that players show some interest in team quest also .

Instead of 3 quests per day with last quest not sense able, u can make it as 5 quests with less difficulties or 3 with more prizes. Or completing 3 quests grant a “quest achievement chest “ which contains meaningful prizes.


For sure. I don’t do the quests at all honestly - they seem like a waste of my limited time for the crappy prizes (unless something less-shitty is in the final chest).


35% of the time I get the quests done without trying. Depends Really on the quests. But imo they are not worth the effort

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I sometimes do some of the grindy ones if they offer egg tokens. 550 egg tokens for running msmersy 45 times on some red dragon matching the quest while watching tv is borderline worthwhile for me. Also do the send resource ones because they take a few seconds work. The rest I generally skip unless they happen to happen anyway (joins, base kills, defenses).

As a team we tend to end up with chest 5 or so, which means a few hundred rubies and eggs. Not very exciting, and putting in a lot of work would upgrade that to still not very exciting.


I have about half my team loving them and the other half hating them :pensive:

I’ve noticed, if players don’t participate in the quest, then they don’t receive the prize.
Which i think is awesome. Players that grind contribute get rewarded. While if others who choose to not contribute, they don’t have to and the rest of the team won’t get the feels.
But…a player can obtain 10 points and still get the prize. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Although the quests have tiny rewards, 100-200 sigils is still about 100% reward increase for players in plat and under.
It would be helpful if leadership could scale the mins…so if you don’t contribute a minimum amount quest points decided by leadership, then you don’t get the final quest prize.

Team quests are a HUGE positive in theory. They are a reward system that doesn’t require energy, timers, inner fires and megas have zero impact on them. As stated by people above some of the quests complete themselves!! I for one would like to thank the PG peeps who came up with the idea and the manager types who gave it the thumbs up.
Wonderful concept!
That being said it’s very true that it falls short in actual rewards VS effort involved. 45 attacks against various bases that don’t even count against black bloods in a gauntlet event is pretty much not gonna happen for 500 fire shards unless your stuck on hold in a conference call at work. I would happily grind out those same 45 attacks for a 1500 ember, 1000 pearl or 3500 egg token prize burning heals (which shouldn’t even exist) and boosts if necessary. The majority of players would do the same whith great enthusiasm leaving positive feedback on the forums for a job well done instead of complaining in LC, TC, Line, Slack, FB and of course here where the positive is a huge minority.
Again this is a wonderful concept @PGCrisis hope we can see it flesh out.


It’s crazy these quests specially if you have atlas. Today was attack 45 above 180 with 100% and I’m 174 so my invader is worthless 🤦
I would vote for the prizes to be sigils only during the events, and that the quests would continue in-between with egg prizes.

I would love to see them under the menu of egg missions, sort of egg quests. 50, 100 and 300. Wouldn’t that be something? Scraps alright… But still nice :drooling_face:

I have said before it was poorly conceived and implemented. However they at least removed using so many defense resources needlessly.

I do what I do but do not stress about those quests. Elemental and specific types of dragons are the most unreasonable.

Unless it’s attack with a hunter :laughing: I don’t mind that quest at all, lmao

Even with less shitty final chest - that still requires EVERYONE on the team to score MAX points to get. So I don’t see the motivation happening unless they make the final chest give out like 20k rubies or something.

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And that is basically where I am. lol

But that will make us quit the game, don’t you know?

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Oh yeah how could I forget :man_facepalming:

I’m still getting this too.

@PGJared I thought this was fixed, could you put that back on the list of things to fix please?
Should be fairly easy to change that bit of the code. Thanks :+1:

Not quite that bad; team has to average 500 points each, and max is 650. Average of 300 gives you the level 7 chest, which is 100 sigils. However, due to the poor rewards, and quests that require crappy grinding instead of any kind of skill, even that level 7 chest is iffy for my team.

Quests can and should be more fun and team-oriented, instead of sitting in front of the TV and running red dragons on MsMersy over and over and hoping someone else needs 20 joins so you at least feel like you helped someone else out while grinding out your quest…


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