Team quest questions

Hello, first off, when the team quests are active, you can check the “contents” on the chest based on which level you are on throughout the week. I believe my team got to around lvl 6 and when i checked what it would have it did include some 50 sigils (so i thought) but when i opened the chest when the event was over it did not have any Sigils in it. So i was curios if maybe i just read it wrong and the chest do not give out sigils, or maybe it glitched and left them out? Like i said we got i think lvl 6/7 and ill post what contents we recieved so if you comment, post what lvl your team got amd the contents as well (also if you recieved sigils or not).

Secondly, i thought when team quests were announced, only if you participate in them do you get the rewards? I know i saw others post this on older forums but no reply from PG that i saw yet.

The chest displayed during the event is the next earn-able chest. I can’t answer the eligibility question.

the “eligible” means they were on the team when event started and are eligible to participate in the team quest. This does not mean they can claim the chest with a zero score (assuming PG set it up the way they said when this was announced).


Gotcha so we were 1 short of the chest with sigils then maybe

And okay thx Odie for the reply as well

Odie’s right - they need to have earned points to be able to collect the chest.

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