Team Quests Adjustments and Updates

Happy Wednesday, folks!

I’ve got an update from our Events & Seasons team on adjustments that will be implemented to Team Quests and going live with today’s Breeding event.

Our team took careful consideration of your feedback to our first iteration of the feature, and we expect these updates will overall make the feature more fun and rewarding for everyone.

Here’s what’s going to change:

  • We have increased the amount of all rewards given in each Team Quest! Consumable prizing (hammer, armor, gunpowder, boosts, etc.) has been increased even higher than all other items for quests that provide these as rewards.

  • ‘Hard Quests’ (the third and final quest at the bottom of the Quest tab) are going to be reduced in difficulty by way of decreased time invested to achieve the quest. The rewards of the hard quest have also been scaled to account for this reduced difficulty, with hard quests now providing 90 Quest Points.

  • Team Chest levels have been adjusted based on player feedback to be easier to achieve and to account for the change in Quest Points as mentioned above.

What are your thoughts on the new changes? We’d love to hear your feedback as the Quests are live this afternoon with our Breeding event. :slight_smile:


Lol yikes I can’t read. Anyways I’m glad to see a quick action on this and sure hope the changes will make the quests more worthwhile. Thanks for the update @PGCrisis

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The chests rewards need to scale larger with each level. Or make them cumulative. At its current form they’re just not attractive.


Can you put how many points each chest takes? The 10th chest, how many points do we need overall? Legendary rage rune :drooling_face:

Did the event start?? I don’t have good enough wifi at the moment to get into the game :sob:

Aww Hell, hugs. It’s okay … there’s still five more days. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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I’m doing what the quest says to do yet it’s not counting it and I’m not getting any points is the something I have to do to make it count

Give it a minute. Force close the game maybe. Double-check to make sure you’re meeting the requirements for the quest.

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Quest rewards still suck ass as usual PGs adjusting was pathetic.

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What, the legendary rage rune isn’t worthwhile? :thinking:

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Agree with @Grumpybigbird the chest contents need adjusting and possibly claiming all chests along the way as well. Appreciate the other changes.

I said quest rewards not final chest,

Ok. My alt has sigils as prizes for the quests. Maybe we’ll get them in the upcoming days.

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Looks good to me.

Edit: For transparency, this is Sam’s alt. Most likely she ain’t gonna do my quests. :confused:

Guess I have bad luck my final quest is 180 ss with 50k dust.

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I have the same here but it’s not bad. I did one defend on my base and got off 22 supershots. :grin:

This is definitely 150x better than it was. We’ll see how it pans out over the course of the week :grin:

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While it is better, yes, there is one series of quests I have gotten over and over with my alt (level 39) several times last event and the first thing this event. That is to level dragons 5 levels and level dragons 10 levels. While I know that you can spread that out over many dragons, that is still pushing it. Especially when I don’t have that many dragons to level anyways.

It’s a start but they are still far too time and resource consuming for something that is a side part to the main event. With a few exceptions these are still not something achievable as part of normal day to day play. The attack x times or cast x super shots are still a completely unrealistic number to get without spending hours and hours of time doing the same thing over and over again. The defence ones are worse since you’ve got to spend hours waiting for someone to attack on top of the time spent defending.