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After having this change since summer I guess I have been wondering why did PG put a reward of 15 sigils only . All the sigil drops even the prizes in events are 25x . Can we have 25 sigils as a reward for these missions pg , personally it bothers me when I end a season with 5 sigils left lol :rofl: , it is not a life changing but at least it is same as other unit of sigils we use . Eventhough I tried to get more missions of these kinds I end up having a reward I cant use in the end of season . So if a season has 13 events , and these missions appear minimum once per event 13* 15 = 195 sigils . Since none of the branches we can claim has a 15 x multiplier we are getting an useless unit dont u think so

So suggestion is can we have a reward of 25 sigils instead of 15 sigils since all sigils prizes & branches are based on a 25sigils x prizes & rewards not a 15x multiplier


The middle one pays only 10 sigils. If you’re lucky to have both, that’s 25 :wink:

If lucky :rofl::rofl::rofl: I knew there is the middle one but never caught it so here we are :rofl::rofl:


If I do, I will make a screenshot of it, pinky swear!

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:joy: That’s the one I have today :joy:

It originally paid out 45 sigils, but required you to do 45 runs. Everyone complained about how time consuming it was, so they made it easier by dropping it to 25 runs… And cut the sigils to 15. Because PG math.


I think the team quests are a great idea…but I wish they had been executed a little differently. It’s difficult sometimes to jump online every night and find a way to do 75 super shots, obliterate 25 bases, and level a dragon 5 times…plus I always get three of the same one (my bad luck). I always need to do 10 with wind, 25 with earth, and 50 with ice…or level 2 times, level 5 times, level 10 times…it’s weird. Is that normal?

I’d prefer event quests be like a skill tree. You have the duration of the event to complete it and can do it all at once or can do a little today and a little tomorrow.

I thought that quest has already been eliminated.

On my worst day the quests take up to an hour to complete.

And to answer your question regarding the join the circus with elephants, hawks and penguins:
it’s totally normal. Some days I get 3 like those (5 elephants, 9 penguins and 12 hawks) while other days the game’s merciful and it asks me to join mates 10/12 times and send 1000 lumber 5x. Easy peasy.

excactly we need something that at the end can be more useful

Yeah, would be good to have these looked at again. They looked promising when they first came out, but the tasks then and now are far too unrealistic. For the most part, they’re still not something that you’re going to achieve from normal game play. Every so often one gets done, but not often and they’re mostly ignored / forgotten about.

How about they make it:
25 Sigils
50 Sigils
100 Sigils
That way everyone will want to complete them. As it stands I really don’t bother with some of them except to get more points for team chest. It would be nice to have higher rewards from them.

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So about 875 sigils an event and 11375 sigils over a season :rofl: Sure.

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They can make it so you don’t get all three???

That’s sorta the problem. Either they need to be so simple that any active player will complete them by accident (e.g. “attack 10 bases”) or they need to be rewarding enough that players will work to get them done (e.g. “Join 25 times with a wind sorcerer FOR 200 sigils.”)

The simplification is nice, and it’s what they did before, but you saw that they paired it with nerfing the rewards. So if they were simplified enough to be easy to do, we’d be getting even more pathetic rewards for them than we do now. Which would make them even more of a useless inclusion in the game.

On the other hand, bumping up the prizes enough to really make the quests interesting is an economy-changer, giving everyone who’s willing to put in some work thousands of extra sigils every season. Which would probably be compensated for by bumping up the sigil costs of the seasonal lines, making it just more required grind to get to the same point as before.

So…yeah. Either way. Unless PG is willing to allow straightforward access to more goodies, the quests are, and will remain, a flawed mechanic.


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