Team Quests Reset

Why some people are getting their quests reset after 1 day whereas some are getting their quest reset after 2 days ??
Its intentional or what ? @PGEcho @Arelyna

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Yeah its kinda bulshit that why everyone isn’t getting reset at same time :man_shrugging:t2:

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I sent a ticket in and the reply I got was:

But that makes no sense:


I’m pretty sure the operator was talking about the cooldowns on egg missions.

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I got the same problem on my main and alt. Main resets in 13H, alt resets in 1D 13H… SMH

@PGCoffee @PGJared @PGCrisis what’s going on here?

I’m not doing this crap quests. lol.

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Lol yeah why over a day and a half for 90 super shots then throw in a 400 supershot in under a day requirement… Smh

Maybe it depends on chest lvl?

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Same thing, lots of people have 24hours reset time, and lots 48h, does not depend on the chest, and does not look to be dependant of player level…

Hope it would be addressed or explained asap.

Im 100% sure its not intentional as u need 46.25 members to complete all 3 quest x5 days to complete lvl 10 chest. given 2 days time will not let teams to complete their lvl 10 chest.

It’s not depended on the team either. My reset is 48 hours, but others on my team have a 24 hour reset

These Quests are a ploy for Us to waste much needed heals boost and defensive tools that are better used else where.
I for one find it ludicrous to have to do 400 supershot , 80 runs come on look the prizes being offered ugh really guys.
How stupid do you think we are

Did anyone receive a response from PG on this…? Mine didn’t rest after day one…

@PGecho @PGCrisis ?? Will we ever get a reply here ?? And is there any data that show how many people gets their quests reset at what time ??
Will it be like 50 members of 1st team gets reset after 24 hours whereas 50 members of 2nd team gets reset after 48 hours ??

Hey folks,

The team has been made aware of this issue approximately 24 hours ago. The plan is to measure the impact of players affected and standardize every player’s Team Quests timers to the 6pm PT reset window we originally noted.

A bug occurred in our system when Team Quests were set live that had to do with when the 24 hour timer started for folks depending on when they logged in on Wednesday. This was not intended and our team will be fixing this so it does not occur in the future.

If the number of players impacted are significant, we will run an automated query to compensate for the offset times that people had to endure. If the impact is minimal, we will distribute the same compensation via PX support as necessary.

Please hang tight and I’ll get more info updated shortly. This is the latest I’ve got for now.


Thanks for communicating with us :+1:t2:

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Thanks for clearing it :raised_hands:t2:


Approximately 74,000 users were affected (!!), so we’ve just run a query to automatically distribute a compensation gift to these players. If you were a caught in this bug, you can expect your gift to arrive to your account anytime within the next few hours, pending server distribution times. :slight_smile:

Thanks you for the gift. However the points missing due to this glitch, havent been rewarded. That still needs to be fixed… it afects not only the players personal reward, but also the teams rewards.