Team Quests Revamp Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the upcoming changes to Team Quests.

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Looks better. Lets see how it plays out.

Making supers a requirement for a quest? :expressionless: When are you going to add megas to that?


Please correct me if I’m reading this incorrectly, but is this basically saying that at least 48 members have to get all quests done in an event to be able to get the level 10 chest?

If so, that is an incredibly more difficult threshold than the current one and leaves no room for any slack.


You read incorrectly…250 total points possible, maxing the team quests is 240 points so 10 people can each miss one quest.


On the whole, I definitely like the idea of quest reform. That said:

A) If quests scale with level (and they should), then rewards for completing those quests should also scale with level.

B) It looks like you’re removing even the tiny benefits from completing individual daily quests - no more “10k rune dust” or whatever, just the five daily prizes and the team chest. You need to bump the rewards to compensate for this, especially since they were already too low.

C) The wildfire/super quest is a horrible idea and should be removed.


Okay, yes, I forgot to add various scenarios. the 2 people missing all quests and 48 reaching all would still be a minimum. But all in all, very much less forgiving.

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Would need to know how much energy you’re talking about spending, too. :eyes:


Supers or wildfires


What if it’s “Complete __ super attacks” or “Complete __ wildfire attacks” and not one or the other? They didn’t clarify.

Edit 1: Even if you can choose between them, it’s not something that should really be required. Some people might not be able to afford the energy to complete enough attacks to do more than one or two wildfires a day.

Edit 2: A lot of us don’t have time to do single attacks. I used the raid function and super attacks through most of this event. I got the 80k prize tier but I still only did maybe one wildfire a day, if that. If they want to make wildfire quests, they should make the raid function count flames towards it. Otherwise they are basically saying “spend money or way too much time to complete this quest or you don’t complete it”.


The ratio as a whole did go up. Old quests 80% of the total possible points had to be achieved. New way 96% of the total points have to be achieved.

That being said instead of 3 quests per day everyone has 1 and if the requirements arent too high even with a higher percent of participation is needed it may be a lot easier to get the final chest. We will have to wait and see :man_shrugging:.


Can you “recycle” the quest for a new one?


I suspect many clans will be dependent on at least some of their players “accidentally” completing their quests. Not every takes a big leap towards getting them done.

Ugh no prize revamp? :expressionless: :-1:


That may be true but if they are in fact easier I can see a lot more teams enforcing minimums for all their players. It all depends on how much less grindy the quests have been made.

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Right up until they are telling their level 50 players to do supers and/or wildfire and that person has no clue what that means. :slight_smile:

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Then they either shouldn’t be in a league that quests would be a requirement in or should have had better teammates to teach them how to play the game :man_shrugging:

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The only thing I liked about the old format is that we could have 5 players on vacation or taking a weekend off and it didn’t affect the team because the team could make up for it. This new format is less summer friendly. We made 10th chest regularly under the previous format. We will have to see how the new format affects players summer plans.


If getting the quest done is so super easy now that doing it becomes a basic function of what you are going to be doing anyway and doesn’t require 10 defends, 5 revenges, and 25 more hits on a base 305 or higher PER day, then the prizes were indeed adjusted. You get the same stuff for about 1/25th of the time?


This people ^

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