Team quests to easily missed

You have to get back in the event to claim the team quest. Everything in the game is sent in a pack. If that code can’t be sent out at least send an announcement message saying go back in the results to claim. Thanks.


In the meantime, just have your leader or an officer send out a team message like I do after every event.

Am the leader and I do, but other languages aren’t as easy. I’d think their messages would put as language of players choice?

That would require a built in translator which is a lot of coding and additional work. Do it in English. Easier for players to copy and paste into Google translate if they need to.

I still agree its annoying having to go into the event to claim the prize. Does make more sense or it to appear as the team rewards do, or some in-game pop up message so we don’t have to keep sending out messages.

But if this don’t get a few more likes and/or comments I don’t feel right mentioning some PG’s.

Don’t worry about mentioning PG’s. I agree though it would never easier if it wasn’t sent in a pack. It confused my team quite a bit

It should come in chests like all other prizes :woman_shrugging:t2:


Actually I’m agree
I accidentally found it,because there wasn’t any notification in event menu
I was sure,that it will came out as normal prize )

Please auto send like team prizes so those of us that worked hard to help the team don’t miss out if work schedules don’t allow getting back before event page disappears.


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