Team Quests: What chest level do you think you’ll end the event with? 🐌

We should have the first chest by the end of the event. I doubt it will be due to my contribution tho … defending isn’t my thing. :slight_smile:

Wait 60 sigils for the last one :thinking:

I haven’t seen a sigil prize in any of my quests :open_mouth:


That beats my prize… I’m saying NO to that last one.


Our team is working on Chest #4…should make it. First chest with rubies so hopefully will give some teammates an incentive to contribute (we have 13 who have provided ZERO points)

This is where we are as a team. I’ve only contributed a bit, full quest points first day and just a spattering after that due to my displeasure

I might still not do it even though the 312 is farms only now … well maybe if I get a bout of insomnia tonight. :sweat_smile:

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My team is at 4470 points (most of the way to box 4). We’ve largely stopped caring entirely. Too many 400 super shot quests in a row combined with truly craptastic rewards. I might be persuaded to do 400 super shots for 60 sigils, but NOT for 25 30% tower defense boosts that I already have 2000 of.

It was also burning out some of my team’s best players, myself included.


You got sigils!? Boo!

Aww Grump, don’t be jelly … my Ember (1) is going to eat me out of house and home for that many runs. :smirk:

Maybe lv 3. My team has mostly said we’re done with these things. They’re a waste of time and resources. What could have been a fun addition to events have become incredibly boring and repetitive for practically no reward. So far Ive had 400 super shots 3 times, 80 attacks once and 70 attacks once. There’s nothing fun about that

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Heavy Armory. :heart_eyes::rose:

As if team quests would do something as silly as promote teamwork…
I’ve finally convinced my team and even a few players in LC to abandon team quests entirely, least PG get the wrong idea and take our participation as a sign that we like them…

On a side note it looks like the chest levels increase like 1+2+3+4+4 so then if the total really is 37, I’d guess it would follow +4+4+5+5+5

We made it to chest 2 :unamused:

We’re almost to chest 5 but doubt we’ll make it as I and most of us have gotten fed up

I completed the first day’s quest and tried to keep an open mind… but that was enough… any points since then were ‘accidentally’ acquired. Some on the team have continued to try, but there is no push to go any further…

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my team agreed it is just a distraction to the event. I dont think we even reach the second chest :grin:

We reached level 3 and I can’t see us reaching level 4.

My team almost made it to level 3, but I think we’re all fed up with the quests and I’ll be surprised if we get the 70 points to get the miniscule bump in prizes.

On level 3. Run 70 bases over L185 for 25 gunpowder when I have over 2,000? No thank you. I’ve taken the gimmes (send 1,000 lumber 5 times), but other than those, not worth the time or resources. A for the idea, but F for execution.