Team Ranking: Core Game + Atlas

Would there ever be a ranking comprised of both core game and Atlas? That would give a better oveview if the team performance as a whole.

LOL You’re already number 1. Trying to break into negative numbers now?


@JustBEAR Like Gandhi in Civilization?

@Panda How would you propose the two ranks would be aggregated? Power in the main game and power in Atlas are measured rather differently, or do you mean strictly event performance?

HAHA absolutely!

@PGEggToken i brought this up a few weeks ago

I’m not sure about the exact metrics. But it doesn’t really make sense to have two completely different rankings if you are trying to merge the games.

Teams performance should be in both? League ranking and influence would be the easiest?

It may set up a very different perspective of the game rankings if this is sorted out at some point. At this point in time we as a team place a lot of emphasis on the Atlas and so we end up doing decently in Atlas events. The main game event are not very exciting to most players for the most part except for fortification and breeding. Combining the 2 rankings may help motivate a lot of teams to realize that both sides of the coin matter and you can’t just ignore one or the other.

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