Team ranking screwed / wrong team rank for us

Hey there,
@PGDave @pgEcho

I have seen such threads from others already, now it’s me notifying you of a completely screwed team ranking for our team DragonAlliance in the ongoing troop build event in Atlas.

Last event we ranked 3 in the global ranking so definitely should be in tier 1, group 1.
But look at the screenshot where you brought us - at the very end of any ranking you have.

So may I kindly ask you to correct this ranking for us before the event ends? We deserve really cool team prizes from our global rank 3 in the last event so let us get what we deserve.


Best regards

Yea I just noticed this as well. Ranking is definitely all screwed up. Look at that 2 keystones for first place. I see it’s ranked tier 10 but that’s horrible.

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The Atlas prize - price rates are terrible I think,

I just checked, my team is also ranked in a tier 10 group with no other competing teams, we are usually in tier 3.

We were something like global rank 154. So, I wouldn’t expect Tier 1 or anything, but this seems rather silly.

This is being investigated. Thanks!

any chance this would be fix before the end of the event? if not, would teams with this bug receive some type of compensation?

Fixed for our team - thanks!

Fixed for us as well! Thank you.

This is not fixed for our team:

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Also submitted 1153884

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Submitted as well 1153895

@PGEggToken we’ve been told that you can help us with this issue?

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Team groupings was fixed about an hour ago. I’m showing your team in Tier 3, Group 8. Are you still seeing issues with your team ranking board @Lutrus ?

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this event is working great, however, the previous event we were all alone in tier 10.

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Thanks for fixing this! EggToken delivers!


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